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Nob Biker and Tau
« on: July 23, 2012, 03:20:17 PM »
Hi Kirby!

I am a long time reader of your blog and need your advice :-)

Yesterday I had the idea of creating a Nob or normal Ork Biker List
with Tau long range support as I think Ork Bikers will be really cheesy
again. And at the same time I think, Tau will give great fire support.
Can you help me building a list like this, as I have no experience with
Nob or Ork Bikers.

The bikers would then act as fast troop choices who put pressure on far
away mission markers and maybe 2 firewarrior teams to defend the base
and act as bubble wrap for the suits. What are your thoughts on this
combo? I think it could be really cheesy now. I'm not sure about the
colossus team since target lock is gone now.

Thank you!

Take a standard Tau list minus the Kroot really. Something like:

10 Crisis Suits (plasma + missiles are still best bet though TL-missiles are a good second choice to save some points)
6 Broadsides (take shield dones)
2-4 Piranhas

Add in some Fire Warriors as they are much improved, maybe 3 squads?

Then add in an Ork Warboss + Nob Biker unit and a large Shoota Boyz unit to become the new Kroot. Spare points can go into more Fire Warriors, Devilfish or Kroot to back-up the Shoota Boyz. You could also go lol funwith shield dronesin Crisis units.
- Kirby.