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Just some random thoughts untill I analysed the complete rulebook better:

-Predators are arguably even better now. Firing 2 lasscanons and the Autocannon at Bs1 after having moved 12" is sweet. High AV are now officially hard to surpress/kill at range too. Although with potential increase of Lasscannons this might very well turn out the other way around.

-Death Company seem to have gained a large boost. Rage now gives you 2 attacks on the charge instead of restricting your movement, cool.

-Attack Bikes with MM's are still boss. They already were but now that melta on infantry is less attractive, they're even nicer. Bikes in general got a boost too.

-FnP took a hit, but is still good.

-"Look out sir!" will help Priests to survive I reckon.

-Not sure what to do with our troops yet... Maybe ASM with Jump Packs or maybe 2 Tactical Squads and then allying 2 troops from a different codex. (GH's for example derp)

-Mephy still going strong, although the likely increase in Plasma/lasscannons will hurt his survivability.

-Droppods more of an option now with the 50% of your army reserve change.

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