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help with eIrusk
« on: June 27, 2012, 10:40:40 PM »
eIrusk plz? Im thinking Spriggan/Big B, WGIDS, 2 mortars and possibly MoW + the usual solos...

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Re: help with eIrusk
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2012, 11:22:48 PM »
Ok, lets have a look at eIrusk.  He strikes me very much as one of those casters that does some cool stuff passively so his spell list suffers. I'll run through his spell list.

Airburst: 5 Focus solo removal, not bad in a pinch, but realistically this spell often ends up being so expensive to cast (boost to hit and boost damage) that there are better options (boost spriggan grenades, for example).

Artifice of Deviation: Expensive, grants pathfinder which is good, and lets you move through models which is also good, but you don't ignore free strikes. Which takes the usability down somewhat. Also counts as rough terrain, which is good in certain situations, but generally pretty mneh for 3 Focus. The best thing here is letting you move through obstructions. That's won me games before. I guess as well you could charge through your own warjacks or use Tactical Supremacy to move behind them. Corner case niche ability.

Battle Lust: Brilliant, great, makes your melee infantry able to take down jacks.

Energizer: Not bad, expensive and with the amount of infantry support this guy has a little bit anti-synergistic. But I'm a believer in Khador always bringing 2 Heavy Jacks at 50, so not useless. Also lets Irusk move, but he wants to be near his infantry so that he can give them tough.

Fire For Effect: Solid, cast it turn one and forget about it. Put it on an aoe or spray weapon.

Tactical Supremacy: Very interesting. Has good use with pretty much anything, especially as you can walk through your own models if you're close enough to Irusk. Or through enemy models or obstructions with Artifice. Good spell, not dissimilar to Mohsar's mirage.

So passive tough is what it is, and Martial Discipline is good too, it lets you walk and see through your own warriors, which means you can hide stuff like squishy ranged units behind tough melee ones.

His bond is pretty bleh. It's be really good in something like Cryx, but making your Def 12 and providing KD immunity is meh when the main reason you'll be knocked down is to have your def reduced. I guess it makes it more reliable when blocking LoS to Irusk.

His feat however, is great. -2SPD and no orders is absolutely fantastic. The rest of it is definitely useful, you could set up some sweet charges through a forest that people didn't see coming.  Standing up is also nice.

With Irusk the common logic is to take 2 Mortars and switch FFE between 2 mortars on a turn by turn basis. Which is horribly focus inefficient (4 focus a turn...) and also forces Irusk to play backline. I'd personally look to run a hyper agressive Terminus style melee horde, using abilities like Tactical Supremacy (brilliant on Kayazy) and Artifice of Deviation to wreak havoc on their position. A bonded Spriggan with 4 Focus can go pretty far under Irusk, so definitely worth a looksee.

Units I like the Great Bears, IFP (both regular and Black Dragon), Kayazy, Kayazy Eliminators and Widowmakers/Rifle Corp to a certain extent. Rifle Corp only for the board denial which you can kind of play with eIrusk but I'd need to test it. The battle engine is good with him (it's good with everyone) but he does nothing special for it seeing as FFE only works on one gun. Jackwise you know I love Spriggans, anything with reach is good because Energizer means you actually have threat. Otherwise I don't actually hate torch. FFE goes really well on the gun of his, so.

 I can see Irusk being a caster though who actually wants to play forward and buy a turn of survival with his feat, and pray that there's no more shooting on the board that can get to Irusk.  I'd probably bring Wishnailer and if not a War Dog.

Hope this gives you some ideas.