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40k Release Schedule
« on: July 19, 2012, 09:36:39 PM »
From Faeit 212 from the inbox.
A lot of stuff has been circulating recently and I really don't know where they're getting it from. I just wanted to sort of set some of it straight.

The next 4 major launches are 3 new flyers, Chaos Space Marines, the 6th edition starter set and Dark Angels.
The new flyers (1 of which being chaos) and the Chaos Space Marine book and initial waves are both done and in some cases even distributed to warehouses.

The current itinerary for release is New Flyers plus the Chaos book and half the models for August.

Then it's the other half of chaos plus the starter for September

Then it's Dark Angels and their ENTIRE new range in October.

It's a whole lot coming really fast and there's a little bit of resistance (from certain people) on the release of the flyers and chaos all at once.

That said, August's white dwarf has been pushed back for reasons I do not know. In the past, however, the only reason for White Dwarfs to be pushed back, however, have been last minute removal of content and articles, never additions.

This month had so much content potential that about 80% of it ended up on the editing room floor, so it wouldn't be difficult for them to fill a magazine back up if they were cutting chunks out of it.

As of Thursday morning though, August white dwarf hasn't been sent to the printers. The drop date on that is Friday.

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Re: 40k Release Schedule
« Reply #1 on: July 21, 2012, 01:04:13 AM »
This would make sense with the Eldar stuff. Put Eldar early Q1 2013.
- Kirby.