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SnaleKing, representing the foul forces of Chaos
« on: May 18, 2012, 03:52:18 AM »
I play Chaos Daemons, exclusively at the moment, and as such I am acutely aware of what some of the game's vital flaws are, and just how disadvantaged a codex can be while people claim it's OP.

I also have a personal vendetta against plasma pistols. They are always a horrible option.

I hate grey knights, for the people who play them.
competitive players are forced to play them, douchebags running Draigowing are irresistibly drawn to them, noobs use them because they are cheap and cool.

And I build every list to kill them.

I have an obsession with heavy weapons, transports and melta, as anyone who has seen my experimental space marine lists will tell you.

I LOVE to try out new rules, and I am mildly OCD: I tend to write (overly?) detailed battle reports, and LOVE to get games in.
I have a similarly-minded friend, and we feed each other's plastic crack addictions.

I am not afraid to make units worse: I think Fiends are overpowered, and should be 40 pts, at least.

If anyone needs a Daemon codex rewrite, let me be the first to know. I'll give you the edited version in a week.

I am currently running a blog (which nobody reads: be the first!) called the Astute Daemon, a tactical blog with a new post at noon every day! I'm currently posting my Chaos Daemons review.

Anyways, your resident Daemon expert is at your service!
I am always glad to be of help!