Author Topic: Rolling down the Kroot Farm.  (Read 1993 times)

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Rolling down the Kroot Farm.
« on: August 04, 2012, 01:06:15 AM »
Perhaps the most popular use for independent characters that I've seen so far relates to the use of a superior armour save and look out sir to protect the squad.  While that's valid and all, I think the most interesting use for characters is to get universal special rules and abilities that apply across squads and allied armies where they don't usually belong.  In terms of cross army application that means we're talking battle brothers by default, and my favourite creation so far is the Kroot Farm.

Vanilla Librarian with Force Axe (Force Dome and Gate of Infinity).
20 Kroot with Shaper, 12 Kroot Hounds, 3 Krootox Riders.

The inclusion of the Krootox is debatable - they cost 105 points and remove the ability to infiltrate, however they add plenty of wounds, some fairly strong shooting that has been substantially improved in 6th, and a lot of high strength attacks.  The squad itself will be running around with a 5+ invulnerable, and while this is a long way from power armour, it's substantially better than Kroot generally have, especially in assault.  The Shaper can be thrown under a bus to allow the Librarian to resolve his attacks against the squad, and even if combat is lost, the unit cannot be destroyed via sweeping advance so long as the Librarian lives owing to ATSKNF.  If you are charged in the opponent's turn by something horrible, and if you don't win combat (have faith in the farm!), you can either attempt to break from combat knowing you will automatically regroup if you get away, or you can use Gate of Infinity to teleport away.

Well that's the concept of the Kroot farm, would love to hear some opinions on it, especially ideas of how to construct a supporting army around it.

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Re: Rolling down the Kroot Farm.
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2012, 05:54:54 AM »
While it does sound reasonable, how much does that squad cost? 400 points with the librarian?

Thats... the cost of a deathstar actually. 10 hammernators cost exactly 400, and you are allying marines anyway...

If you want shooting, Standard Terminators can do it for you. Again, almost same price, but with S8 long range guns.

While the idea sounds reasonable, it doesnt change the main problem - you are considering a bunch of T3 5+ save guys to actually hold you in melee.

In combat they can have a far number of S4 attacks. About 90 on a charge, if i count correctly, and no attacks that ignore armor. Thats.... well, thats pretty close to what a Ork mob gets. For 180 points. They are also much more likely to get grinded down by small arms fire before arriving at combat (T3 vs T4)

While i think the idea is nice, i do not think it is functional. They are simply too expensive for what they bring.