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Necron 1750 vs Imperial Guard
« on: August 26, 2012, 11:35:22 AM »
We played crusade on hammer and anvil. This deployment type really favored him, since I would have to move much farther to get my models into their 24in range. There were 3 objectives, two on my side of midfield and one in his gun line.

Turn 1
Night fighting on the first turn. He lit up my immortals with his chimera, then proceeded to fire his russ, griffons, quad gun,  Master of ordinance, and all his heavy weapon teams.
I lost 4 immortals and 2 wounds on my general.

 I let night fighting continue and jumped my HoD into the ark and moved forward with my skimmers.
One of the barges was immobilized.
I essentially moved all my dudes up, wrecked the chimera, took two hull points off and immobilized the hell hound. Wraiths ran 1in, scarabs ran 6in, immortals 3 and warriors 4.

Turn 2
 I pop my pulse, he moves up with his grenadier vets with plasma guns forward, russ scoots over and blasts into my wraiths, doing no wounds but spotlighting the wraiths.  The griffons have no other target except the immortals killing two.  The quad gun fired at my immobilized barge, but my 3up saved the two glances.  The master of ordinance scatters off the wraiths onto the lord, killing him and a warrior. The auto cannons and Las cannons don't hurt my wraiths at all.
The lord doesn't get back up, nor the warrior Nor do the two immortals.

Both flyers came in, he intercepted the doom scythe and and two hull points off it and velocity locked it. With the doom scythe, the barge, the ark I killed the plasma vets, move up the scarabs and wraiths who both run 1in and the warriors. The night scythe goes super sonic and I foolishly waste my lances on the russ.

Turn 3
He shoots down my doom scythe with rerollable auto cannons, the explosion hits no one.
Shots bounce off my ark and the night scythe dodges a glance. He glances my barge.
FRFSRF puts a wound on my D lord, the Russ shoots at them, knifing down the lord, who stays down.
The griffon murdered the scarabs mercilessly.

 Night scythe unloads the immortals, who glance to death the russ, just barely.
warriors kill a auto cannon team, I destroyed a heavy Bolter on a griffon with my lanceteks, and finished off the hell hound. The wraiths fail their charge. Things are looking bleak but I still have two objectives.

 He shoots two hull points off my ark and stunned it, moved the guard out into the open, and retreated with the company command squad.
The auto cannons do 3 wounds to my wraiths.
The quad gun dumb fires and breaks the destructor off my scythe, while those damn griffons kill 7 of my fresh immortals who flee...

 The immortals rally but don't kill nobody, the lanceteks jump out of the ark and explode a griffon, the warrior move up into murder 9 guardsman, the barge snap fires into the other griffon, not hurting it, but killing a auto cannon team. The wraiths charge and kill two more auto cannon teams.

He starts off with a FRFSRF into my wraiths, killing them.
hits Las cannons finish off my ark, the explosion kills a warrior.
The last auto cannons bounce off the barge, three griffon kills 9 warriors, 3 get up. The master of ordnance kills 2 of the lanceteks.

The warriors kill off 5 guardsmen, the long range immortals kill 2, the just regrouped immortals put a wound, on the lascannon team in the ccs.
My 2 remaining lanceteks and the barge fail to touch the griffon.

 We got a FRFSRF on the warriors, killing 7, the griffon kills 5. 2 get up.

 I hide in cover and do nothing of note.
And we keep playing...

His griffon and master of ordinance and Las cannon teams cannot kill my few scoring units, and end of turn 7 I win.

So the objective my immortals were holding was booby trapped, never killed anyone though. Both other were targeting arrays, so warriors and guardsman rerolling 1's for shooting.

8 VP Necrons-6 objective, 1 first blood, 1 line breaker.
3 VP Imperial Guard- 3 objective.
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Re: Necron 1750 vs Imperial Guard
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2012, 11:38:19 AM »
So here's my list for that Battle

115Overlord w/sempiternal weave, Warscythe

140-Destroy Lord w/ S-weave

245-Royal Court
-4x Destruction, solar pulse
-1x Storm
-1x Res orb, Gof Fire

185-9 Immortals w/N-Scythe
153-10 Gauss Immortals
362-19 Warriors w/ G-Ark

105-3 Wraiths
90-6 Scarabs
175-Doom Scythe
180-2x A-Barge

Here's the imperial guard list

 +++ necron bane (1655pts) +++
+++ 1750pt Imperial Guard 5th Ed (2009) Roster (Standard) +++


+ HQ + (300pts)

    * Company Command Squad (300pts)
        Carapace Armour (20pts), Colour Sergeant Kell (85pts), Lascannon (20pts), Lord Castellan Creed (90pts), Master of Ordnance (30pts), Vox Caster (5pts)

+ Troops + (890pts)

    * Infantry Platoon (670pts)
        * Heavy Weapons Squad (75pts)
            3x Autocannon (15pts)
        * Heavy Weapons Squad (105pts)
            3x Lascannon (45pts)
        * Heavy Weapons Squad (75pts)
            3x Autocannon (15pts)
        * Infantry Squad (130pts)
            Vox Caster (5pts)
            * Commissar (55pts)
                Plasma Pistol (10pts), Power Weapon (10pts)
            * Sergeant (20pts)
                Plasma Pistol (10pts), Power Weapon (10pts)
        * Infantry Squad (75pts)
            Vox Caster (5pts)
            * Sergeant (20pts)
                Plasma Pistol (10pts), Power Weapon (10pts)
        * Infantry Squad (70pts)
            * Sergeant (20pts)
                Plasma Pistol (10pts), Power Weapon (10pts)
        * Infantry Squad (70pts)
            * Sergeant (20pts)
                Plasma Pistol (10pts), Power Weapon (10pts)
        * Platoon Command Squad (70pts)
            3x Flamer (15pts), Vox Caster (5pts)
            * Platoon Commander (20pts)
                Plasma Pistol (10pts), Power Weapon (10pts)

    * Veteran Squad (220pts)
        Grenadiers (30pts), 6x Lasgun, 3x Plasma Gun (45pts)
        * Chimera (55pts)
            Heavy Flamer, Multi-laser
        * Veteran Sergeant (20pts)
            Plasma Pistol (10pts), Power Weapon (10pts)

+ Fast Attack + (130pts)

    * Hellhound Squadron (130pts)
        * Hellhound (130pts)
            Heavy Flamer

+ Heavy Support + (335pts)

    * Leman Russ Squadron (185pts)
        * Leman Russ (185pts)
            Heavy Bolters (20pts), Lascannon (15pts)

    * Ordnance Battery (150pts)
Plus aegis defense line with quad gun for 100 points
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