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Averland First Annual Gun Show and All You Can Eat Buffet
« on: September 03, 2012, 06:07:29 AM »
Fresh off of a second place win in a small Toruny (in which my WE got dead last), and punching my Wood Elves in the dick for days, Mijanman's Ogres were feeling a little full of themselves, and I decided to switch over to Averland, gatekeepers of the empire

I stole this list from another forum, because its my first game of Empire, and I kinda had no idea where to start, I'm not a fan of its hero build, but the core concept seems to work plenty fine. Charge block with Archers, hold one flank with a Steam Tank, hold the middle with Greatswords, and their Stubborn detachments, right flank with Knights, win win win.

We rolled up Blood and Glory, and some fairly dense terrain, the important parts being a Temple of Skulls dead center, and another hill I use to get a charge bonus on my right flank, there's a river and a building on my left flank, and a very large forest on my right. This kinda chokes us into the middle pretty quickly, which makes the game bloody and quick (because the scenario didn't already force that)

I deploy in my center the steam tank, he put a sabertusk on my far right, I just keep deploying down my right flank, and he spams sabertusk drops. Fortunately for me, the chokepoint really cuts the bite out of his deployment advantage, as did his lack if Ironblasters (seriously stop, not taking those).

This is where I made my first Empire Newbie mistake, and didn't leave enough room between my knights and the steam tank for the Greatsword hoard and its detachment to come down in the proper position, forcing the swords to go in deep. I wind up spending the first two turns getting them back into position, and my Wizard bunker gets forced further to my right then I would have liked.
I roll Bolt, Chain Lightning, Harmonic Convergence, and Comet, I drop the Bolt (he had a lot of units clumped up, a chain lightning could have been amazing) for Iceshard Blizzard, possibly best spell in the lore.

He's magic heavy, with a Firebelly, Butcher with Gruts, and Slaughtermaster with Forbidden Rod. He Rolls a mess of spells, I think leaving him with everything but THE MAW. The Firebelly rolls double Sixes which promptly becomes Sword of Rhuin and Fireball. Even with my +1 he rolls to go first, we crack our drinks, and we begin.

He starts by marching up his Morunfangs down the center (which thanks to my refused flank is my left flank). Some Gnoblar trappers run up to try and get in the way of my Inner Circle Knights, and on my far right his Sabertusk finds out we've got a mushroom forest over there, and moves to threaten my wizard.

Magic he rolls 6&1, we both channel, I dispell a Bonecrusher aimed at my knights, and he gets Spinemarrow off on his Trappers. He then proceeds to botch both a Flaming Sword on some Leadbelchers or to Trollguts his big block o Bulls.

Shooting whiffs, and we move onto my turn.

Some shoddy placement of the Gnoblars allows me to clip the Ironguts with my Knights, it was honestly probably a mistake to make that charge seeing as he was getting so many attacks back to what little my knights were getting in with, but between there and here I had a magic phase to try and stack as many buffs as possible, to get ready for the reform at the end of this turn that would put us in a proper standing combat.

The Steam Tank goes for 3 points, puts them all into movement, and makes it into the Mournfangs, I'm pretty sure he put them there just because he wanted to see how killy this thing could be.

Magic is 3&1, I channel once two his twice. I manage to sneak in an Ice Shard Blizard on the guts, and between the Warrior Priest and the War Alter behind the knights I manage to get Shield of Faith off.

The Tank does its job, and hits with an impressive 13 impact hits, wounds with all 13, tankes a wound back. They're outside of their BSB, but they did bring the Gleaming Pendant, allowing them to hold on snakeyes. The knights and the Guts both do 2 wounds, meaning I won by 1, they hold.

On his turn 2 the Sabertusk to the right fails its stupid test, and the gnoblars move into the knights flank, Bulls reform and move up.

I think I win in this magic phase here, this could have gone so much worse, but I manage to lock him down pretty hard. He rolls 4&3, I channel once, he pops his Forbidden Rod to put him at max 12. He tries to Toothcracker his guts, I dispell it, Scrolling a Bullgorger on his mournfangs. He gets Flaming Sword on his Mournfangs, and Bonecrusher on my War Alter, 9 hits, resulting on only one wound lost on the Alter, none on the Arch Lector.

Whew, we both agreed two 6 die spells would have probably accomplished more, but such is hindsight.

In combat the tank and morunfangs clatter on each other, while the knights just tear into the Ogres, with Ice Shard and Shield I take all of one wound from the Ogres and one from the Gnoblars, the Ogres Break and the steadfast Gnoblars hold.

On my turn The Alter plows into the Gnoblars, and a Bull Unit Champ prays to Chaos, and rolls a 1, typical. My swordsmen brace to take the charge from said Bulls and the Greatswords prepare to get into their flank.
The steamtank hasto emergency vent, wounding no one and leaving me with a single steam point.

Magic Whiffs, I think I rolled like a 2&1 the Archers manage to kill a Bull, but the bunker fails to wound the Kitty in the forest.

In combat he puts the Stank to 8 wounds, and mass Gnoblars die, and much to his dismay, a pair of remaining Gnoblars hold on snake eyes.

His turn
Bulls charge my archers, they flee, he redirects into the swordsmen, and he gets a sabertusk into my bunker. His guts fail to rally. Magic was a 3&3, which he proceeds to whiff. With no good targets left he starts shooting at my hoard, killing 7 greatswords.

Combat kills the wizard, I prepare to put my knights into the Bulls, and Alter into the Leadbelchers on my right. Mass carnage amoungst the swordsmen who die down to 3 men. But a combination of Stubborn, Stand Fast, and Hold the Line! means they know their job and they're doing it well.

On my turn I mop up with Knights into the flank of the bulls, the steam tank grinding the mournfangs down to one wound, the engie smacks them with his spanner, I proceed to do a victory dance when I see his armor save roll of 1, he holds me up pointing out "hey not just yet" and fails his parry save.

The resulting combat phase breaks his general, BSB, and his last standard giving me the BNG win.

Victory for the Empire. Hopefully next time I'll have less bare plastic and random unit filler, and can get some pictures in.

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Re: Averland First Annual Gun Show and All You Can Eat Buffet
« Reply #1 on: September 03, 2012, 07:08:04 AM »
Yeah this was the first time I got to see what happens when someone takes monsters and 1+ armor and I cannot deal with it because I have no cannons. So going forward, i guess I always bring at least 1 cannon.

...and place my charge blockers properly...

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Re: Averland First Annual Gun Show and All You Can Eat Buffet
« Reply #2 on: September 03, 2012, 02:23:01 PM »
Great report! Very nice read. I might have to get my Skaven vs Dark Elves narrative batrep up soon, but I'm only at the start of turn 2 ::)
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