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1850pts GK with IG Allies
« on: October 04, 2012, 04:26:54 AM »
Hey, just wanted to see what people thought of the current iteration of my list. Its been doing pretty well, and I'm pretty happy with it, mostly interested to see what y'all think of it.


Primary Detachment


Ordo Xenos Inquisitor, Hammerhand, Force Sword


2x10 GKSS, 2 Psycannon, Hammer on Justicar, Psybolt, Rhino

2x5 GKSS, 1 Psycannon, Psyback

Heavy Support

2xPsyfleman Dreadnought



CCS, 4 Plasma Guns, Chimera


PCS, 4 Plasma Guns, Chimera

Infantry Squad, Autocannon

Infantry Squad, Commissar, Autocannon

Heavy Support


Comes to exactly 1850.  Execution seems pretty obvious, dump a bunch of firepower into midfield early on, backed up by psychic support.  I used to run Psyker Telepathy Combo, but realised that it's easier to simply delete a unit using a shedload of plasma guns, which can also kill vehicles pretty handily to boot.  Only real concern is large amounts of high AV vehicles, but even then I have enough vehicles to delay, say, multiple Land Raiders until my psycannons can finish them off and leave their contents high and dry.

Anyway, comments are appreciated
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