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Oh Gork its a Fandex
« on: May 18, 2012, 12:44:32 PM »
Yeah, I made a fandex for Chaos Space Marines
the rules were...debatable, but the fluff was well received. Here is some of it.

Fluff for Khorne Berzerkers
Berzerkers are Chaos Space Marines who have given their lives over to the Blood God Khorne. Their every moment is dedicated to slaughter and butchery, and they will stop at nothing until Khorneís enemies are dead. They have no mercy, no compassion, and no notion of overkill, for it matters not from where the blood flows, only that it flows.

The World Eaters Traitor Legion is composed entirely of Berzerkers, though not every Berzerker originates from that Legion. Their primarch, Angron, practiced grisly lobotomisation on his warriors well before the Horus Heresy, removing all sense of fear and danger, resulting in his eyes the perfect warrior. Angron kept this process secret until the Heresy, revealing the terrible lengths he had gone to in the search of martial perfection. Angron and his Legion easily fell to the side of the Blood God, and even now they still practice the art of lobotomising new recruits.

Any Chaos Space Marine who feels the pull of bloody vengeance or has some calling to martial prowess may become a Berzerker of Khorne. Although only the World Eaters have perfected the technique of creating them, a bastardized version of the lobotomy process has spread to many other Chaos warbands.

On the battlefield Khorne Berzerkers succumb to a terrible bloodthirst, and it takes a brutal and uncompromising leader to keep them in line until this rage can be unleashed on the enemy. While the aim is to get to enemy lines to begin the slaughter, the Berzerkers are not so far gone that they will charge across open ground, risking artillery and plasma fire in their need to combat the enemy hand to hand, although without someone to reign them in, the Berzerkers will attack anything they see with rabid ferocity.

The Berzerkers see themselves as the hand and will of Khorne, striking down those who cower from combat, bringing his bloody vengeance wherever it is needed. If no enemy is to be found, they may attack on each other in blind rage, and if alone, they might even fall on their own weapons in sacrifice to Khorne. The flesh must tear. The bones must break. The blood must flow.

Fluff for the Dark Mechanicus
The nine Traitor Legions were not the only servants of the Emperor to betray him and side with Chaos during the Horus Heresy. Millions of human soldiers also turned traitor, along with fleets from the Emperorís Navy and untold numbers of civilians, all pledging themselves to the Warmaster Horus. The most significant of these defectors, apart from the Traitor Legions themselves, is the Dark Mechanicus, an organization derived from the traitors of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Adeptus Mechanicus oversees the maintenance and production of the Imperiumís technology, most prominently its tools of war. The Dark Mechanicus performs a similar role, but in no way follows the strict rules and bureaucracy of the Adepts of Mars, and they will break any of the laws of man or nature in their endless, some would say aimless quest.

The men (if they could still be called such) of the Dark Mechanicus have no qualms about invoking daemonic influence into their work, nor do they take issue with adapting xeno technology. Everything is a means to an end, they say, and the ends they seek are yet more tools of devastation. No longer bound by petty morality, they will try any experiment, no matter how heinous or deprived, to achieve their ideals.
The Dark Mechanicus thus maintains strong ties with the varied Traitor Legions and Chaos Space Marine warbands. In return for protection, slaves, captured archeotech and stranger things, the Dark Mechanicus will build, maintain and provide the Chaos Marinesí weapons, ammunition and vehicles.

The Dark Mechanicus has no true centre, no official base of operations. Separated into Cults, each headed by a Dark Magos, they are free to practice their craft wherever they wish. Known Dark Mechanicus bases include the space hulk Shadow of Woe, the traitor Forge World Aetharius G77X and the asteroid field of the Tarraxus system. Once every century, the Dark Magos will gather in a secret location, different each time, to compare their experiments and brag of their achievements in the field of their twisted science. It is not unheard of for these meetings to end in a confrontation or even open warfare, the Magos accusing one another of plagiarism or subterfuge.

A constant rumour is that the Dark Mechanicus has something to do with the Obliterators. Certainly, both share a desire for arcane technology and the merging of the daemonic with the mechanical. Indeed, a few of the Dark Magos have the same daemonic affliction that affects the Obliterators, showing the same bizarre abilities.

The Dark Mechanicus will commonly take to the field of battle with Chaos Space Marines, providing fire support and battlefield repairs in exchange for protection. Their true reason for going to war is so they can test out and observe the fruits of their labour first hand. A Dark Magos will attend the battle accompanied by one or two Explorator flunkies and a bodyguard of horrific monsters called the Flesh Golems. Twisted combinations of corpse and machine, these vicious beasts protect their diabolical masters with tooth and claw.

So there is some of it. Further criticism would be much appreciated, i know ive got more than a handful of run-on sentences in there. You can see the rest of the fandex, along with its rules, in this DA gallery.