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I am amsued by such a statement Archie.

I imagine T-Fexes will see less use unfortunately *looks longingly at his models*

That being said, Jaws isn't such a big issue as it was before with Biomancy. Perfect world for Tervigon is a 3,5 on that chart for a 24" FNP power and +D3 I/A. Grabbing the 3rd power (so Domination standard + Catalyst + Onslaught) gives you a pretty decent chance of getting both of those powers but that random nature of the roll is...frustrating.

Hybrid was my initial thoughts as well. Assbacks are still looking pretty good but with th e reduction in threat range from disembarkation (and the increased need to over-extend to do this), running similar numbers of these models is unlikely to produce the benefits it did before for BA (since you're paying for that fast status). How lists juggle this shall be seen - Tacticals in RBacks? full ASM Jumpers behind?

Mephy is still a beast and adds the best hood bubble int he game (but still outclassed by RoWard, Rune Weapons, etc.).

AB's will indeed be very popular still - they didn't lose any of the threat restrictions transport based melta did and with decreased cover, are generally more effective. Same with land Speeders.

Gauss is the new thing yes, particularly with improvement to rapid fire. Engaging Necrons in combat quickly is still the order of the day.
Scythes are good but don't have hover - pretty important balancing factor I think.
Scarabs + Wraiths with Fearless are now excellent tar pits.
Barges, along with Night Scythe + Ark, was a good unit that got better really.
Necron Lords will be a lot more common - <3 ze Mindshackle!

Overall, Necrons are looking to head into this addition pretty sweet. Maybe GW did think of 6th when making them...

@Sage - honestly, not with EW as that would have made the T4/W3 silly good. Something though! lol Agree re Jaws but fliers shouldn't be much of an issue.

TL-MC Devs will drop the low AV fliers pretty decently, Flyrants should as well. Hive Guard with OA bubbles might not be too bad either but the AV12 ones are going to be a regular pain...

So no Eternal Warrior... *sadface*

Warmachine & Hordes Army Lists / pKrueger 35 points
« on: June 28, 2012, 05:09:34 AM »
So I got me some Circle. Time for some games! I got a bunch of stuff on good deals so it doesn't all match super well and the only casters currently are pKrueger and pKaya (eKrueger, p/eBaldur, eKaya all coming soon). Anyway, here's what I was thinking:

pKrueger (+5)
 - Megalith (11)
 - Woldwarden (9)
 - Stalker (10)
Shifting Stones + UA (3)
Bloodtrackers + Nuala (7)

Bang on 35.

Main concern is ability to drop heavies, perhaps drop Warden in favor of a Feral?

Ya you would Frosty :P.

News & About Forums / Forum Mission & Rules
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:54:32 PM »
The Rules:

There aren't many and it's pretty much the same as 3++. We as a general rule, don't moderate or censor. Everyone's opinion is valid ASSUMING, you support it. We expect maturity from our readers and users - you may disagree with us and that's fine, but disagree constructively. The point of 3++, in all aspects, is to generate discussion. Follow this basic principle, and try to keep the language as family friendly as possible, children do browse this forum and we want everyone to participate in some way.

The Mission:

We come from a competitive standpoint, the forums are about promoting better play. This doesn't mean if you're a casual or fluffy player, 3++ isn't for you. You may not gain as much benefit from having your army list critiqued but learning some tools of the trade to bring to your weekly gaming session, local league or campaign will spice things up a bit. Everyone can play with their models how they wish, we believe in competitive gaming (not cheating douchery, but good generals with good lists fighting it out tooth & nail). So if you want to learn to play better and have a good discussion about wargaming, you've come to the right place, even if you wish to do so on a casual/friendly basis!

News & About Forums / Forum Feedback
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:40:59 PM »
Leave any feedback here in regards to the forum. It's currently very basic but we'll be updating the layout, theme, boards, etc. over the coming weeks!

News & About Forums / What are the 3++ Forums About?
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:35:44 PM »
3++ the blog has established itself as a competitive gaming blog for popular tabletop wargames over the past two years. We're certainly not claiming to be the best but we like to think we've helped a lot of people over the years in improving their gameplay and ability to play well at both competitive and casual levels. This forum is an extension of this. A lot of criticism aimed at forums like Dakka and Warseer is the general level of gaming advice is appalling. We're not transcendent beings which are always right but we've given good advice over several proven years and wish to bring this concept to the land of forums.

The blog is still the front-man, that's where I'll be doing most of my work, codex reviews, battle reports, etc. The forum will link to these. The chatbawks is still the 'live' function where you can talk to contributors on the blog and other gamers around the world. It will be on every page, including the blog and forum. The forum adds to all of that. The main issue with a blog is I and the other authors cannot answer everything and you only get content at a set time interval (we aim for a post every 8 hours). To counter this I added the Chatbawks well over a year ago. We've built a pretty decent community and they help out a ton here, particularly with people new to the blog. The Chatbawks is pretty transient though and those conversations aren't saved to any degree for someone new coming along and whilst I try and make back-linking as effective as possible, there's still a ton of stuff to sift through if you're looking for old articles on the blog. Step forward the forum to cover these weaknesses.

Again, the blog is still the face of 3++ and the chatbawks one of the main features (which will be available on both the blog and forum pages) but having the forum allows easier ability to ask questions and browse for past information. Transferring discussions from the chatbawks to forum posts would also be an excellent way to help the community (i.e. person A & B have a good discussion about a particular topic so person A decides to make a post about it and share both points for everyone to read at a later date). Hint hint. Nudge nudge.

I've often taken conversations I've had with contributors from the Chatbawks or individual comments from posts even and made them into individual blog posts. I'll likely be doing that with the forums (i.e. turning forum discussions into blog posts) and I hope this is done in reverse. You take things posted on the blog and in the chatbawks and generate discussion in the forum. Again, hint hint. Nudge nudge. Discussion is what helps everyone learn and grow.

Furthermore, this isn't to replace e-mailing me or the other authors, and we will try our best to post here as much as we can, but for those looking for a faster turn around in feedback or want to generate some discussion of their own, the forum is that outlet. By combining all three features for 3++ (blog, chatbawks and forum), we should get the best of everything and hopefully cover the individual weaknesses of each.

I hope this helps the community grow and improve. We're very open to feedback so I'll be opening a post here for the forums and in a couple days will do one on the blog. We're in the middle of transferring the blog across domains and into a more customisable front (wordpress) which means we are better able to give you what you want. Until then, use this forum for good little nerds!

New Members & Site Discussion / Re: What's this forum for?
« on: June 27, 2012, 09:20:41 PM »
With the evolution of this forum to become part of 3++, this really just becomes a place to introduce yourself. These forums are no longer just about Project Biomorph - which has its own section of the forum which will evolve at it evolves (i.e. does it become 6.5 or the project aimed at producing those fun and competitive mission books for 6th edition 40k, etc.).

This forum is all about coming from a competitive stand point - that's not to say the casual gamer is not accepted here or is looked down upon in any way, we can play with our minis how we want. However, advice is generally going to stem from the competitive side and even if you're a casual gamer, good strategy and tactics never go amiss.

So jump in, find your subforum(s) of choice and make sure you use the 3++ blog and chatbawks to gain the most out of your experience here!

That would make them pretty silly good against vehicles then...

Warhammer 40,000 Strategy & Tactics / Re: Tau Tactica - 6th edition
« on: June 26, 2012, 07:53:17 PM »
Lol @ copy paste first line.

AA mounts are what? Big question every army is asking - I can see Crisis suits (shoulder mounted stuff) and Skyrays. Reduction in cover helps Tau as they are more shooting than not and with Markerlights much easier to strip that cover and boost BS so squads can die. BSF will help against Night Fight depending how its worded and FAQ'd.

Big though will be Allies - Imperial Guard blob? Farseer? TH/SS Terminators? All good things.

Tau never had a real issue with stopping tanks before, this will be about the same so it'll be about how mobility improves (Allies looking at you) and ability to stop assault armies/kill infantry. Cover reduction helps here, assault buffs do not.

Otherwise I'd be thinking the next book is where Tau will really take off - Allies help shore them up until then.

So I was looking at how my latest Tyranid list could transfer from 5th edition to 6th edition:

Tyranid Prime w/Toxin, Regen, Lash/Sword
3x2x Hive Guard
2x Tervigons w/Adrenal, Toxin, Catalyst
2x10x Termagants
11x Genestealers w/Toxin
T-Fex w/Rupture Cannon
2x1x Carnifex w/2x TL-MC Devs

So anti-tank should be much less of an issue - Hive Guard can reliably glance a low AV vehicle to death every turn now, even Fexes are pretty good at that with 12 S6 shots (AP- also means jack now, though they are still just as bad at actually damaging things). If Hive Guard become AA mounts the combination of a lot of TL S6 shots and S8 at BS should cover fliers though bringing in the Hive Tyrant in place of the Prime for Old Adversary is probably a good idea.

Tervigons & T-Fexes (and Fexes) are also now much better against vehicles in combat if indeed they are AP2 - vehicles being WS0/1 helps a ton here. Termagants & Genestealers with no No Retreat and increased threat ranges are also getting a tiny buff though the reduction in cover saves and FNP probably evens this out. The ability for Tervigons to potentially throw Termagants 24.99" at an opponent though..., ya I'm assaulting you Turn 1 and tying up shooting. Sounds good.

AV14 is still a problem at range and there are no flying MCs or an OA Tyrant and other units like Zoanthropes, Warriors, Raveners, Hormagaunts, etc. are all seemingly improved choices which need to be considered. THis is good as we can see a lot more divergence away from the standard Tyranid units and actually get some competition in army slots - particularly with being able to gain extra FoC slots and not need max Hive Guard to be able to even compete in terms of stopping tanks.

Anyway, the list appears to transfer okay to 6th edition though isn't really optimised to taking advantage of the changes - little tweaks will be necessary but luckily for me, I have a large collection of Tyranid models on which to draw.

Yup that OA bubble could be huge for shooting on the way in and combat when you get there. Glad I've got my Tyrant all ready and used from 5th. Might need to get another couple Guards though...

AP2 at a minimum for MC attacks is good. *runs some math*

A T-Fex/Tervigon on the charge gets 4 at S6 sooo...

That's about a 30% chance to destroy rear AV10 and about 75% chance to take off at least one hull point (not using proper stats, just basic probabilities - too lazy).

At 2 attacks S10...

About 45% chance to destroy rear AV10 and each hit drops a hull point. If we check in PE here for re-rolls, this looks like the reliable way to drop tanks/hull points if +2D6 is gone. Even better if doing this makes MC attacks AP1 (doesn't look like it though). Less forgiving though - you do have the 1/9 chance to do completely nothing though again re-rolls helps this.

I would think the higher A creatures like Trygons/Tyrants will benefit less, particularly if they have Adrenal for S7. Much easier to knock off multiple hull points or get that pen result.

Ya Tyranids have always been my pet love - everytime something changes with them I have to re-visit them. First ever models bought and only 2nd ed models I own. Anyway...

EW rumor hasn't be substantiated yet - it's a Tyranid FAQ thing so we find out a couple days later I imagine if the trend for 8th Fantasy continues but yes, this would be massive for those W3/T4 guys and make force weapons far less scary.

Preferred enemy from what I've seen is re-roll 1's to hit and wound (to pen?) so not a complete re-roll but Hive Guard basically get 50% extra hits which makes Broods of 6 reliably hitting five times - bye bye AV11 hull points or even AV12 with some reliability.

MCs and vehicles will be an interesting interaction - how are MC attacks calculated? AP2? AP1? does halving their attacks improve AP? Against rear AV10 I'm going to be imaging more attacks works out better whilst smacking around Land Raiders and Russes and the like is going to require those S10 hits (does it cap out at S10?) particularly if they also get an AP1 bonus. We're going to assume they are at least AP2 since they ignore saves now, anything less is going to be nerf akin to power weapons.

Hive Guard are the obvious AA choice, they fire blindly anyway but I wouldn't be surprised if GW tries to fob a FW release on each army which is the AA mount for said army. It would be sad but not surprising. If preferred enemy is re-roll all hits, well Hive Guard broods even if not AA still work fine otherwise  ya twin-linked Devs or our flying MCs will be the answer, particularly since their hull points are lower than average I believe.

Not sure if allying with self is double FoC or just the extra slots gained in Allies, pretty sure it's an extra FoC at 2000 points only and since many Tyranid armies already run two HQ and four Troops, well now you get six Elite/Heavy/Fast :P! Though only at 2000+.

Anyway, some fun stuff to come and looking forward to the FAQ so I can get some proper games in.

Warhammer 40,000 Strategy & Tactics / Tyranid Tactica - 6th edition
« on: June 26, 2012, 06:15:06 AM »
My pet army has always been Tyranids and their gradual decline over 5Th edition after their FAQ and subsequent army releases were sad to see. So let's see what 6th edition does to them! A few general thoughts which will hopefully be solidifed over the coming weeks.

- 25% cover helps - no more arguing if the big bugs now get cover, it's pretty easy. 5+ is worse than 4+ but I'll take a constant 5+ over an iffy 4+
- Fearless with no No Retreat - kill the Gants or stay where you are. This gives Tyranids some ability to impact the battlefield in terms of opponent's movement (lack of vehicles otherwise hinders this). Add in potential extra distance for random charges and spawned Termagants are capable of tying up units 24.99" away.
- potential inclusion of Eternal Warrior limits the weakness against Grey Knights and brings the T4/W3 guys straight into play as more viable than previously.
- Old Adversary - re-roll my Hive Guard/T-Fex shooting? Okay.
- Flying MCs - Flyrants or Harpies? Not having a full set of rules here is a bit iffy but these could conceivably be quite good.
- 2+ armor more important for MCs who can get it now? I.e. Tyrant
- MCs can now reliably hit tanks though their penetration bonus may have been lost. Does the double strength/half attacks cover for this? Mathammer it :P.
- RCL with combat gribblies can actually be nice with the increase in threat range though there are going to be those times you are 4" away and not in combat because of it.
- Lack of Allies could hurt depending how FAQ works for AA-mounts, psychic defenses but the alternative to double up the FoC could help in terms of getting more of the units one needs
- Weakening of mech over the long run looks to help Tyranids in that department. HG are really good at causing damage results so can knock off hull points pretty quickly though AV14 can still be an issue - Zoans more viable or useable?

Anyway, let the discussions and results from games begin!

Warhammer 40,000 Strategy & Tactics / 6th edition is here...
« on: June 26, 2012, 05:53:20 AM »
So with 6th edition around the corner I think it's time to get some of that excellent discussion we're all having in the chatbawks and in general down on paper - Internet paper. What this forum shall eventually become is up in the air but currently we've added some 40k sub-categories to the forums to kickstart some 6th edition theory making and when the rulebook actually hits, some concrete discussion.

We'll be adding the 3++ chatbawks to the forum as soon as we can (sideframe most likely) so anything that comes up in there and generates some good discussion should be tossed over here! The combination of both the 3++ blog, chatbawks and forum should provide the best amount of information to anyone at any given time.

Enjoy the use of your brain and others!

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