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New Members & Site Discussion / Ultimate Petty Complaint
« on: December 21, 2012, 07:08:51 AM »
There's like an add banner above the articles that changes its images every few seconds. That image change makes the text jump up and down! so annoying!

First world problems

Warhammer 40,000 Army Lists / KHAYOSSSS
« on: October 13, 2012, 07:43:04 AM »
So them spiky marines got an army book that's worth looking through. I made a list!

Chaos Lord - Terminator Armour, Power Fist, Sigil of Corruption, Mark of Tzeentch, Burning Brand of Skalathrax, Veteran of the Long War. (190)
He's got a torrenting AP3 flamethrower and has a 2+/3+ while he punches you with S8
5 Terminators - 4 Power Fists, Reaper Autocannon, Mark of Tzeentch. Champion has Power Fist and Combi-melta. (252)
They have a 2+/4+ and punch you with S8. The Lord gives them the bonuses of VotLW by joining the unit so they dont have to buy it
Three units of 5 Chaos Space Marines - Swap boltguns for CCWs, Meltagun, Mark of Khorne, VotLW, riding in a Chaos Rhino with a Havoc Launcher. (147 x3)
They do the usual small-unit-in-a-tank jobs and occasionally jump out to mop up surviving enemy models in combat
Two units of 3 Chaos Bikers - 2 Meltaguns. Champion has Combi-melta. (100 x2)
Why are you so cheap, meltabikes.
5 Warp Talons - Mark of Tzeentch. Champion has 2 Gifts of Mutation. (210)
4++ lightning claw jump infantry are fun. Contrary to what everybody seems to think, they don't have to start in reserves, so none of that "threading the needle" nonsense for me
Two units of 5 Chaos Havocs - 4 Autocannons. (115 x2)
Suck it, fliers.

Yeah, i know if i cut out the Warp Talons i could get another meltabiker squad and another autohavoc squad, but i really like those talon models

Warhammer 40,000 Rule Queries / Chaos Daemons White Dwarf Update
« on: September 26, 2012, 10:51:43 AM »
does anybody know if a scan of this update booklet can be found? GW is being tardy putting it up on their website

News & About Forums / 404 error trying to get to 3++
« on: September 09, 2012, 12:59:53 AM »
Im trying to get to the main site ( and im getting a 404 error
whats happening D:

I hope you like spinny deff!

Night Goblin Great Shaman
Lvl 4 Wizard, Shrieking Blade, Talisman of Preservation, Wand of Jet

Night Goblin Warboss
Battleaxe of the Last Waaagh!, Great Cave Squig

Night Goblin Big Boss
Basha's Axe of Stunty Smashin', Great Cave Squig

Night Goblin Big Boss
Ogre Blade, Great Cave Squig

Night Goblin Big Boss
Sword of Strife, Great Cave Squig

30 Night Goblins
Full Command, Bows, 3 Fanatics

30 Night Goblins
Full Command, Bows, 3 Fanatics

30 Night Goblins
Full Command, Bows, 3 Fanatics

30 Night Goblins
Full Command, Bows, 3 Fanatics

10 Squig Hoppers

4 Mangler Squigs

Warhammer 40,000 Army Lists / 2k Necrons - The Shootinating
« on: August 16, 2012, 04:38:56 AM »
Man, but making Necron lists is fun. since the 19 special character thing when over so well, here is an MSU necron list that uses four royal courts and really, really hopes that you can share crypteks over Double FOC so you can have four crypteks join one unit.

Overlord with Staff of Light - 90pts
4 Destruction Crypteks - 140pts
5 Warriors - 65pts
Ghost Ark - 115pts

Repeat that 3 more times, so you have 4 overlords, 4 ghost arks etc

3 Tomb Blades with Shield Vanes - 90pts

3 Annihilation Barges - 270pts

So yeah, you've got four ghost arks, and each one has 5 warriors, 4 destruction crypteks and an overlord inside. each one puts out 15 flayer shots, 4 eldritch lance shots and a smattering of whatever staffs of light shoot out. also there are like a pile of tesla shots coming from blades and barges. the shootinating begins!

i guess you could get different effects from different crypteks. i went for destruction because i like having a load of 36" S8 AP2 guns floating about in av13 4HP transports. Despair or Storm Crypteks do S8 templates/a ton of haywire shots respectively, but they have to get pretty close to use them for my liking. transmorigirifificration crypteks have that fun little template to shoot, and if you drop the tomb blades you can give four of them harps of dissonance. but again, i find it hard to beat a bucketload of eldtrich lances. zap tanks! instant death paladins! be annoyingly hard to kill! this is THE SHOOTINATING

Warhammer 40,000 Army Lists / Standard Necrons 1500pts
« on: August 14, 2012, 03:16:25 AM »
changing my Necrons somewhat because i dont fancy buying a pile of arks and scythes

Necron Overlord with Warscythe, Resurrection Orb, Mindshackle Scarabs and Sempiternal Weave - 160

Royal Court of 2 Destruction Crypteks and 1 Transformation Cryptek with the Harp of Dissonance - 125

Destroyer Lord with Mindshackle Scarabs and Sempiternal Weave - 160

3 x 15 Necron Warriors - 585

3 Tomb Blades with Particle Beamers - 90

3 Canoptek Wraiths with Whip Coils - 135

2 Annihilation Barges - 180

Canoptek Spyder with Gloom Prism - 65

Usually I'd take the Solar Pulse, but since night fight isnt as effective anymore Ive taken the Harp instead for messing with the tanks that keep out of range of my 24" guns. The Destroyer Lord, Wraiths and Blades zoom about either punching tanks, tying up assault units or harrassing things respectively. Two two barges focus on any fliers that appear, and the Spyder provides some much needed psychic defence, and sticks close to the warrior squads

Warhammer 40,000 Army Lists / 4k 19 Special Character Lolstravaganza
« on: August 11, 2012, 12:47:21 AM »
So I went mad and made a legal list that has 19 special characters.

Space Wolves Primary Detachment

Logan Grimnar - 275

Njal Stormcaller in Terminator Armour - 270

Ragnar Blackmane - 240

Ulrik the Slayer - 180

5 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour with Arjac Rockfist, Cyclone Missile Launcher and 3 Power Fists - 380

5 Blood Claws with Lukas the Trickster, a Meltagun and a Razorback - 260

Space Wolves Secondary Detachment

Canis Wolfborn - 185

Bjorn the Fell-handed - 270

5 Grey Hunters with Meltagun and Razorback - 120

5 Grey Hunters with Meltagun and Razorback - 120

Imperial Guard Allies Detachment 1

Company Command Squad with Lord Creed, Sergeant Kell, Nork Deddog, Autocannon and Sniper Rifle - 350

Guardsman Marbo - 65

Infantry Platoon - 220
Platoon Command Squad with Commander Chenkov
Infantry Squad with Meltagun and Autocannon
Infantry Squad with Meltagun and Autocannon

Infantry Platoon - 240
Platoon Command Squad with Captain Al'rahem
Infantry Squad with Meltagun and Autocannon
Infantry Squad with Meltagun and Autocannon

Rough Rider Squad with Mogul Kamir - 95

Leman Russ Punisher with Knight Commander Pask - 230

Imperial Guard Allies Detachment 2

Commissar Yarrick - 185

Veteran Squad with Sergeant Harker and 3 Meltaguns - 155

Veteran Squad with Sergeant Bastonne and 3 Meltaguns - 160


Warhammer 40,000 Army Lists / 2000k Necrons!
« on: July 21, 2012, 10:11:23 AM »
Updating my Necrons to 6th. This army uses two FOCs and hence really really hopes that you can share Royal Court members over the units in the two FOCs

Primary FOC

Necron Overlord - Warscythe, Resurrection Orb, Mindshackle Scarabs - 145pts

Royal Court:
     Harbinger of Destruction with Solar Pulse
     Harbinger of Destruction
     Harbinger of Transmogrification with Harp of Dissonance
     Harbinger of Transmogrification with Seismic Crucible

Necron Overlord - Warscythe, Mindshackle Scarabs - 115pts

Royal Court:
     Harbinger of Destruction with Solar Pulse
     Harbinger of Destruction
     Harbinger of Transmogrification with Harp of Dissonance
     Harbinger of Eternity with Chronometron

13 Necron Warriors - 169pts

13 Necron Warriors - 169pts

5 Lychguard with Swords n Boards and Night Scythe - 325pts

5 Tomb Blades with twin-linked Tesla Carbines - 100pts

Annihilation Barge - 90pts

Annihilation Barge - 90pts

Secondary FOC

Destroyer Lord with Mindshackle Scarabs - 145pts
This guy is my Warlord and rolls on the Personal table

5 Necron Warriors - 65pts

5 Necron Warriors - 65pts

3 Canoptek Wraiths with Whip Coils - 135pts

1993pts total

The Lychguard squad is joined by the Harbingers that have the Seismic Crucible and the Chronometron, and one or both of the Overlords join them as well depending if the enemy has something that really needs to die. Otherwise, the Overlord that isn't carrying the Orb will slum it with one of the 13 strong Warrior units. The Lychguard jump out of the Night Scythe the moment it appears on the table to avoid being inside it if it is intercepted, saving a long slog from reserves if the Scythe is shot down. This unit is aimed at the most dangerous combat thing the enemy has and aims to tie it up for as many turns as possible.
Each Warrior unit is joined by 2 Destruction Harbingers, one Pulse in each unit. These units move forwards to take objects.
The 5 strong Warrior units are each joined by one of the Harp carrying Harbingers. These units sit on any objectives near my deployment and zap tanks.
The two Barges support the Warrior units by LoS blocking and shooting any incoming transports.
The Tomb Blades are for anti-air purposes if the Scythe bites it, or just general shooting of fast units like jump infantry and speeders
The Destroyer Lord joins the Wraiths and zooms about punching tanks. They also back up the Lychguard unit if needed.

Warhammer 40,000 Strategy & Tactics / Orkz in 6th
« on: July 11, 2012, 11:17:40 PM »
If I'm not playing Necrons I'm playing Orkz

Mob Rule doesn't screw you over with No Retreat wounds anymore!
Furious Charge doesnt boost Initiative, only Strength :(
Waaagh! is very different, letting you re-roll runs and charges instead of allowing you to charge after running. Essentially swapping longer charge ranges for more reliable charge ranges for a turn. It also means that the Orkz can shoot on their Waaagh! turn now, a very big difference to last edition

Ghazghkull, being S10 T5 W4 2+ eternal warrior, is still one of the hardest characters in the game, becoming the hardest during his Waaagh! Unfortunately his Waaagh! got a little more awkward to use. Instead of giving Fleet like the normal one, it instead allows you to automatically run 6". This stops you charging. I guess the best thing to do would be to have Ghazzy charge a turn ahead, call his Waaagh! while in combat to get that 2++, and to have all the Orkz catch up with a 6" run, then charge next turn. Or, have them run 6" forwards, ready to overwatch anyone who runs into them.

Mad Dok Grotsnik unfortunately still suffers from old skool Rage, and with the general debuff to FNP, he isn't as big a deal as before. With his combat stats being one point of Strength less than a power klaw warboss, I doubt Grotsnik will be considered much anymore

Wazzdakka Gutsmek is rocking that T6 now, and of course lets you have an army of T5 biker bastards. With a power klaw and a S8 4 shot gun he can fire while turbo boosting, Wazzdakka is a speedy anti-vehicle character, and is pretty good overall

Old Zogwort can put a stop to IC wound shenanigans by turning them into Squigs. Lets see you look out sir that!

Warbosses are extremely survivable now thanks to look out sir, having a 2+ to bounce all their wounds onto the massive pile of boyz/nobz. A Warboss with just a power klaw is pretty cheap for the damage he puts out

Big Meks are still the big chunk of moving cover. As cover in general is a 5+, the KFF matches that now, including for vehicles. As a bonus, he can sit inside a Battlewagon and repair hull points. Alternatively, the Shokk attack gun does its (random) damage to vehicles across all of its big template, with AP2

Weirdboyz arent entirely terrible because they give a boost to Deny the Witch. Still the worst HQ choice in the codex though

Nobz are all characters. Ah-hahahahaha. Is Nob Biker deffstar back? Maybe, but Wazzdakka and/or a PK Warbikerboss in a Nob Biker mob will be very hard to take out without specific shooting attacks
Burna Boyz do roughly a billion Overwatch shots on whoever charges them, and still have power weapons if they didnt fire in their previous turn
Lootas can move and fire! They can move, fire and charge if theyre joined by somebody wearing Mega Armour, as slow & purposeful is applied to the entire unit
Kommandos cant assualt the turn they arrive on the table. Snikrot is now useless.
Nobz in Boyz mobs are going to have to hide in the middle until they can punch something. a 4+ look out sir will only go so far!
I honestly expected Trukks to get 2 hull points instead of 3. thats something, i suppose
Stormboyz get impact hits, and Zagstruk is one of the few characters able to assault straight out of reserves, which are much more reliable npw.
TL rokkit buggy squadrons arent so fragile as they can leave immobilised members behind. theyre likely to just collapse before that happens though
deffkoptas are much faster now, being jetbikes, and have full T5! no more first turn charge due to scout changes though
Battlewagons join the 4 hull point club, deffrollas are still as good as they used to be, they can fire all of their guns when they move, four big shootas are a good buffer for stopping the killkannon getting knocked off, and their big mek can repair their hull points. a general improvement
big gunz are pretty tough now, for their price
badrukk ignores cover with his three shot plasma gun? are flash gits worth considering now? no?

im going to advocate Necrons as allies for Orks, because it means i dont have to buy any new models

Warmachine & Hordes Army Lists / Sorscha - Mechanised Infantry 35pts
« on: July 07, 2012, 02:04:45 PM »
This is my idea for a tier list with Sorscha. I like her spells and abilities, and I really like the Beast-09 model, so it was bound to happen.

The list gets me to tier 3, granting Advance Move to Beast, making Kovnik Jozef free, and giving +1 to my starting roll on the game

Kommander Sorscha - +5pts
Beast-09 - 11pts (required for tier 3 bonus: +1 to starting roll)
Unit of 4 Battle Mechaniks - 2pts (required for tier 1 bonus: Gives Beast-09 Advance Move rule)
Winter Guard Field Gun Crew - 2pts
Unit of 10 Winter Guard - 6pts
     Officer and Standard - 2pts
     3 Rocketeers - 3pts
Unit of 10 Winter Guard Rifle Corps - 8pts
Unit of 4 Widowmakers - 4pts
Kovnik Jozef Grigorovich - Free (Tier 2 bonus granted by having 3 Winter Guard Units)
Widowmaker Marksman - 2pts

I'm a little iffy on the Widowmaker units, I only included them because I already have their models. I could swap them out for two WG Mortar Crews though.


Warhammer 40,000 Strategy & Tactics / Necron Tactica - 6th edition
« on: June 30, 2012, 12:36:37 PM »
So what did the shiny tinboyz get? Quite a lot, actually...
Here's what I've noticed about them so far.

- Gauss is just unfair against the new hull points. Who cares if you can't penetrate the Land Raider, just aim a load of warriors at it and get more than 4 6s on the pen roll.
- Adding onto that, both Warriors and Not-Tesla Immortals got a buff due to the changes to Rapid Fire; suddenly the Phaeron upgrade is very pointless.
- Warscythes don't get the Unwieldy rule like every other similar melee weapon. Oh thank you holy Jeebus.
- Night Scythes and Doom Scythes are stupid fast with the new Flyer rules. They must start the game in reserves though. Guys can jump out of the Night Scythe even if it moves 24"
- Spyders get all of the MC buffs and are still the cheapest MC in the game, they also get the only buff to Deny the Witch rolls for the Necron army. Spyders might appear more in lists even when their scarab generating abilities aren't needed.
- Speaking of scarabs, they're still very nasty, though not as needed due to the above buff to Gauss
- Monolith is still an overcosted, short-ranged fatass of a vehicle. Yeah it can fire all its guns now, but the flux arcs are all BS1 if the particle whip takes a shot
- Annihilation Barge is still stupidly cheap for the amount of potential shots it can put out, though slightly weaker due to the addition of hull points
- Same goes for Catacomb Command Barges. The rulebook has the new Chariot type just for them but the appendix didnt give it to them and then the new FAQ did augh GW what are you even doing (methinks the daemon chariots will be upgraded to Chariot Vehicles come their next codex)
- Mindshackle Scarabs + challenge = lol
- Destroyers/Heavy Destroyers might maybe almost worth their points because Preferred Enemy affects their shooting
- Flayed Ones can do...nah, they still suck
- Poor Triarch Praetorians strike last with their fancy sticks.
- Deathmarks have delicious allocating shots on a to hit of 6, with their shiny new proper Rapid Fire guns
- C'tan Shards are still way to expensive
- I do not use the special characters enough to judge if theyve changed for better or for worse.

Yes, Warhammer Fantasy isn't as popular on 3++ as its sci-fi brother, but now that 3++ has a forum I can post stuff about it without having to bug Kirby!
If anyone remembers, he did post my review of the Common Magic Items on the blog, and since then I've been on-off writing reviews for the 8th edition army books. At the moment I'm doing Orcs & Goblins (yes its behind the times a lot but who cares) and after that's done I'm open to suggestions. I'll even review the two Warhammer Forge books if enough folks want it. So lets get this going then. Also if someone can tell me if there is a limit to the size of a post here that would be super helpful.

Part 1. Introduction & Army Rules

Poor Orcs & Goblins. Nobody seems to give them much attention. Here is their new book, much like the old book, it seems, still rumbling along on the most basic method of Warhammering; line up loads of green guys, run them at the enemy, and punch them until they stop rolling dice at you. Ho hum, seen it before, move along, nothing to see here.
This is not true. Well, it is, but itís not quite that straightforward for the greenskins.

Orcs & Goblins can be seen as the Space Marines of Warhammer Fantasy in more ways than one. Like Space Marines, tradition dictates they get the first updated army book each time a new edition rolls around and thus may bear the brunt of the designer still being stuck in the previous edition. Like Space Marines, they welcome beginners, being numerous enough and tough enough to punch through early mistakes as you learn the game. Like Space Marines, they have ready to go units that can do a variety of jobs adequately and with little fuss, but canít do any stellar performances. And, like Space Marines, they donít have much that sets them apart from the more unusual and more specialised forces. Theyíre basic, solid, dependable, and some would say boring. They do their job and they do it well, but not many would say they do it with any flair. But with a bit of close inspection, their 8th edition outing may just change this viewpoint.

So what are the strengths of Orcs & Goblins? Their units pack a big punch, sending handfuls of medium to high Strength attacks into enemy faces, and their characters can hit even harder. Orcs & Goblins also boast some of the cheapest units and characters in the game, letting them swamp their enemies under a sea of green. Only Skaven, Tomb Kings and Vampire Counts will be able to outnumber them, and even then, only just. Theyíre also surprisingly shooty, having a large number of bow-wielding units in their ranks, and many other armies will struggle to throw down as many war machines as the greenskins. They can be fast too, with plenty of mounted units and chariots to choose from.

And choose you will, for Orcs & Goblins have, hands down, the most units of any army book in both Warhammer Fantasy and Warhammer 40,000, to the tune of fifty two different unit entries, each with its own role to play. You could base your army around about six or so different themes: you could have normal Orcs in a big pile, normal Goblins in a big pile, an all mounted force of Wolf Riders, Chariots and Boar Boyz (in a big pile), Night Goblins in a big pile with the addition of weird spinning buggers, a big pile of Orcs that have ward saves and frenzy, or even a big pile of Goblins riding varying sizes of spider, if thereís an arachnophobe you need to piss off. However, for Orcs & Goblins to truly shine, a mix is needed. Taking nothing but Orc units denies you war machines and most of the faster units, taking nothing but Goblins denies you blocks of solid face-punching infantry and powerful beatstick characters. It can be quite difficult to get a good balance, and as weíll see in this series, to get the most out of Orcs & Goblins you have to utilise the vast and varied list of units together as a true army rather than just keeping to the idea that Orcs & Goblins is just four separate greenskin armies in one book.
This, my friends, is going to take some time.
But first, the army rules. Like the other WHFB armies, Orcs & Goblins has its own collection of army-wide special rules.

Unfortunately, many Orc & Goblin units are governed by some Ďhilariousí random dice rolling antics, and as we all know, random dice tables are why Possessed and Chaos Dreadnoughts are so widely used. At the start of your turn, every unit that suffers from Animosity rolls a D6, with some exceptions. ĎSuffersí is the right word, as rolling a 1 on this dice can stall or at worst severely mess up your battle plans. Units have to be more than 5 models strong, not in a fight or building, and not fleeing or off the table to test. So obviously the best way to avoid Animosity is to get stuck in with the enemy, but until then itís going to have its merry way with your units.

If a unit rolls a 1, it goes on to roll on the Animosity table. The Animosity table is mostly bad, of course. Heaven forbid a roll of a 1 has the greenskins become inspired by Gork & Mork and get improved for a turn, no.

A second 1 on the table results in your unit having a go at another friendly unit that suffers from Animosity. They pelt each other with rocks and suchlike, dealing D6 S3 hits to each other, with hordes dealing 2D6 hits instead. Not entirely that bad, as every unit that suffers from Animosity should be able to easily soak up these hits. After this, both units canít do anything else for a turn. Suffice to say you donít want this to happen, your army has the enemy to deal with without having itself start shooting at...itself. At least this result is unlikely.

A 2-5 on the table of fun results in the unit either declaring a charge or doing absolutely nothing for a turn. Thereís not really much you can do about this, but you can at least declare a charge, even against something youíve no hope of reaching, so the unit can bumble forwards. If it does make a successful charge, chances are you were planning to do that anyway.

A 6 is the only good thing on the Animosity table. The unit pivots on the spot to face the closest visible enemy (the visible enemy before it pivots, subject to the usual forward arc sight line, so the unit isnít going to spin around in case thereís an enemy behind it), moves directly towards said enemy unit, and must then declare a charge against this enemy. The bonus here is that it essentially doubles the unitís movement for charging, great on the faster units. If thereís somehow no enemy in sight, the unit gets a free bit of movement and then can carry on with its turn as normal. However, itís definitely not something to depend on. Youíre lumped with Animosity, whether you like it or not, but it wonít totally wreck every game.

Luckily, we have the Choppas rule to even things out a bit for the Orcs. Every unit with this rule gets +1 Strength during its first round of combat, not too shabby at all. The best part is where it stacks with any other Strength bonuses the unit might be getting. Orcs with great weapons get a meaty +3S in the first round, and itís quite easy to reach S10 with Lord characters. You donít even need to make a charge for this bonus; youíll still get it on the receiving end of a charge too. A nice rule, and better when you consider that itís a free upgrade from the previous edition.

Big ĎUns
Not really a rule and more of an upgrade. Several Orc units in the army have the option of being upgraded to Big ĎUns, though only one unit may have the upgrade per army. Big ĎUns get a bonus to their Weapon Skill and Strength, and while expensive and not vital to an army, they can pack a punch, especially with the Choppas rule above. For example, when upgraded to Big ĎUns, even the basic Orc unit strikes at a respectable Strength 5 in its first round of combat. Not bad for one of the cheaper Core units in the game. However, due to being a once an army deal, you might want to save this upgrade for a powerful alpha striking unit, like a fully upgraded mob of Boar Boyz.

Size Matters
A little rule that goes a long way to helping the greenskins. Goblins, being Skaven with none of the ratty advantages, will be running away a lot. Orcs, quite rightfully, donít give a damn if this happens.

Fear Elves
Just to lower the Goblins even more, any unit of High Elves, Dark Elves and Wood Elves (and any other manic variety that Forge World might decide to pump out) counts as causing Fear for them. Fear isnít as big a deal as it used to be, and with the Battle Standard around, this wonít have as big an impact as you might think. Besides, theyíre Goblins, their Weapon Skill is already so bad it doesnít matter if they fail the Fear test anyway!

And those are the special rules for the greenskins. Next post will be about their Core choices. Usually in a review you might expect to see characters first, but I believe that the O&G Core choices define the army more than their characters do.

Painting & Modeling / Post your Conversions!
« on: May 23, 2012, 11:01:27 PM »
conversions are fun!

Homebrew & Personal Design / Oh Gork its a Fandex
« on: May 18, 2012, 12:44:32 PM »
Yeah, I made a fandex for Chaos Space Marines
the rules were...debatable, but the fluff was well received. Here is some of it.

Fluff for Khorne Berzerkers
Berzerkers are Chaos Space Marines who have given their lives over to the Blood God Khorne. Their every moment is dedicated to slaughter and butchery, and they will stop at nothing until Khorneís enemies are dead. They have no mercy, no compassion, and no notion of overkill, for it matters not from where the blood flows, only that it flows.

The World Eaters Traitor Legion is composed entirely of Berzerkers, though not every Berzerker originates from that Legion. Their primarch, Angron, practiced grisly lobotomisation on his warriors well before the Horus Heresy, removing all sense of fear and danger, resulting in his eyes the perfect warrior. Angron kept this process secret until the Heresy, revealing the terrible lengths he had gone to in the search of martial perfection. Angron and his Legion easily fell to the side of the Blood God, and even now they still practice the art of lobotomising new recruits.

Any Chaos Space Marine who feels the pull of bloody vengeance or has some calling to martial prowess may become a Berzerker of Khorne. Although only the World Eaters have perfected the technique of creating them, a bastardized version of the lobotomy process has spread to many other Chaos warbands.

On the battlefield Khorne Berzerkers succumb to a terrible bloodthirst, and it takes a brutal and uncompromising leader to keep them in line until this rage can be unleashed on the enemy. While the aim is to get to enemy lines to begin the slaughter, the Berzerkers are not so far gone that they will charge across open ground, risking artillery and plasma fire in their need to combat the enemy hand to hand, although without someone to reign them in, the Berzerkers will attack anything they see with rabid ferocity.

The Berzerkers see themselves as the hand and will of Khorne, striking down those who cower from combat, bringing his bloody vengeance wherever it is needed. If no enemy is to be found, they may attack on each other in blind rage, and if alone, they might even fall on their own weapons in sacrifice to Khorne. The flesh must tear. The bones must break. The blood must flow.

Fluff for the Dark Mechanicus
The nine Traitor Legions were not the only servants of the Emperor to betray him and side with Chaos during the Horus Heresy. Millions of human soldiers also turned traitor, along with fleets from the Emperorís Navy and untold numbers of civilians, all pledging themselves to the Warmaster Horus. The most significant of these defectors, apart from the Traitor Legions themselves, is the Dark Mechanicus, an organization derived from the traitors of the Adeptus Mechanicus.

The Adeptus Mechanicus oversees the maintenance and production of the Imperiumís technology, most prominently its tools of war. The Dark Mechanicus performs a similar role, but in no way follows the strict rules and bureaucracy of the Adepts of Mars, and they will break any of the laws of man or nature in their endless, some would say aimless quest.

The men (if they could still be called such) of the Dark Mechanicus have no qualms about invoking daemonic influence into their work, nor do they take issue with adapting xeno technology. Everything is a means to an end, they say, and the ends they seek are yet more tools of devastation. No longer bound by petty morality, they will try any experiment, no matter how heinous or deprived, to achieve their ideals.
The Dark Mechanicus thus maintains strong ties with the varied Traitor Legions and Chaos Space Marine warbands. In return for protection, slaves, captured archeotech and stranger things, the Dark Mechanicus will build, maintain and provide the Chaos Marinesí weapons, ammunition and vehicles.

The Dark Mechanicus has no true centre, no official base of operations. Separated into Cults, each headed by a Dark Magos, they are free to practice their craft wherever they wish. Known Dark Mechanicus bases include the space hulk Shadow of Woe, the traitor Forge World Aetharius G77X and the asteroid field of the Tarraxus system. Once every century, the Dark Magos will gather in a secret location, different each time, to compare their experiments and brag of their achievements in the field of their twisted science. It is not unheard of for these meetings to end in a confrontation or even open warfare, the Magos accusing one another of plagiarism or subterfuge.

A constant rumour is that the Dark Mechanicus has something to do with the Obliterators. Certainly, both share a desire for arcane technology and the merging of the daemonic with the mechanical. Indeed, a few of the Dark Magos have the same daemonic affliction that affects the Obliterators, showing the same bizarre abilities.

The Dark Mechanicus will commonly take to the field of battle with Chaos Space Marines, providing fire support and battlefield repairs in exchange for protection. Their true reason for going to war is so they can test out and observe the fruits of their labour first hand. A Dark Magos will attend the battle accompanied by one or two Explorator flunkies and a bodyguard of horrific monsters called the Flesh Golems. Twisted combinations of corpse and machine, these vicious beasts protect their diabolical masters with tooth and claw.

So there is some of it. Further criticism would be much appreciated, i know ive got more than a handful of run-on sentences in there. You can see the rest of the fandex, along with its rules, in this DA gallery.

New Members & Site Discussion / Site suggestion: Models!
« on: May 17, 2012, 11:48:35 PM »
This is a wargaming forum and it doesn't have a section where users can pimp their models? That's extra heresy!
It would be cool to have a section where users can post their stuff and the rest of us can marvel at it/give critique. And maybe tutorial threads for painting and modelling and suchlike.

New Members & Site Discussion / Sup
« on: May 17, 2012, 11:06:23 PM »
sup doods
I'm Scuzgob and I've been a commenter on the 3++ site for quite a while now. I play 40k (Orks, Necrons, Vanilla Marines), Warhammer Fantasy (Warriors of Chaos, Ogre Kingdoms) and Warmachine (Khador). I'm currently a QA tester for a videogame company and I have about 3 years experience of QA testing and games design (admittedly for videogames but I've attempted a few boardgames). Also, I wrote a review of the Warhammer Fantasy magic items that Kirby was kind enough to put on 3++
About a year ago I attempted a fandex for Chaos Space Marines (i know i know, fandex) but the fluff parts of it were well received, so I'd like to put myself forward for any fluff sections if they ever need doing?
I'm looking forward to working on this project with everyone!

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