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Flames of War General Discussion / Re: I'm clueless
« on: July 05, 2012, 06:09:27 PM »
1) Are there any resources available to find active FoW communities?

As far as communities go, the best one that I know of is probably What Would Patton Do.

They have several updates a week, including battle reports. And are running an invasion of England campaign right now with some support from Battlefront.

2) How do armies work? I see a ton of books available--how are these set up? Are they like Warmachine used to be in that there is a "big" book and a bunch of expansions (but no "army list" books) or is it more like 40k?

It's a lot like the Forge World Imperial Armor books. There's a main rulebook and a series of campaign books that cover specific WWII theaters or battles. These are split into 3 main time periods. Early War, Mid War, and Late War. All of the books in a given time period are compatible with each other. So you can play Eastern Front Soviets vs. North African Americans if you want to.

Within each campaign book, there will be multiple lists for each faction. So the Mid-War North Africa book, for instance, has various lists for Germans, Italians, British, and Americans.

There are 3 basic kinds of lists. Infantry, Mech Infantry, and Tanks. Tanks Always attack Infantry or Mech, Mech always attacks Infantry. So you decide on the kind of list you want to play and then pick a specific list of that type.

If you're a German player in North Africa, there's a Tank company made up of medium armor for Egypt, another for Tunisia, and a heavy tank (Tigers) list for Italy.

If you want an example list, there's a free PDF of a Tiger list for Tunisia here:

(There's a good number of free lists on the Flames website if you look around.)

When looking at a list, you have to take one platoon from each black box. After you take the required platoons, you can pick up to one platoon from each grey box.

3) How flexible is army creation? Say I want to make an accurate 200th Division Tank Division ( Would I be able make this list that used the tanks in the 200th (T-26, B-5, CV-33) -- either through official means or "proxy" -- or am I stuck with only having specific units playable in specific armies?

Army creation is pretty flexible overall, and there are a LOT of lists to choose from. Particularly if you're Russians. If you just want to recreate some historical force, there's probably a list that you can start with. I know that the Russian tank companies can field everything from lend-lease Shermans and Stuarts to Grants, Crusaders, Valentines, and all of the Russian types. Heck, they can even field captured German equipment. While some of the German lists let you field captured T-34's crewed by SS troops. I don't know if any of the lists has CV-33's, as the Chinese aren't in the game.

4) What affect does the whole early/mid/late war ...umm...mechanic?...have on playing the game?

It depends on the faction you're playing. For Germans, all of your equipment is different in mid and late war. So you have to buy new models to play a new time period. Whereas Americans don't change all that much from mid to late war. British CAN take equipment like Shermans that are used in both periods, but if you want that early North Africa force with Grants, Valentines, Crusaders, and Churchills, then you're going to be out of luck when the British army switches to American equipment later.

Other than that, you just have to be able to play what everyone else in your area plays. Around here, it just depends which national tournament is coming up. :)

Flames of War General Discussion / Re: How much does FoW cost?
« on: July 03, 2012, 06:18:01 AM »
Oh, and as for terrain...

At first we got by with the 40K-scale hills and trees that they had at the FLGS that we usually play at, because it's closer to us than the one that promotes Flames. But I've been adding to my collection over time. Both by making my own hills, and by buying a bunch of Battlefield-In-A-Box sets, which are really a very good deal for pre-painted terrain.

Here's the terrain density that I think is ideal for Flames:

It makes a huge difference to how the game plays, particularly the buildings. But you don't have to get there right away.

Cost-wise, I'll break down what's in that pic:

$52.00 - 2 BFiaB Small Desert Building Sets (Got an additional building from BF because of in-box damage to one. Yay!).
$26.00 - Large Desert Building
$40.00 - Italian Monastery
$60.00 - 2 Desert Palms Sets
$25.00 - Desert Oasis
$25.00 - Small Desert Hills (rocky) - think this one might be discontinued.
$45.00 - Rural Road Set
$32.00 - My cost to hand-make the sandy hills you see from foam, with textured paints applied.

I made the hedges years ago for WHFB, and the 'vinyard' bases are just WHFB movement trays that I bought somewhere in '98.

So $305 total, though I bought some of it on sale or with tournament winnings. Obviously you can make just about all of that stuff for a lot less, but I feel like I got a good value for the time I saved and it looks very nice. You really can just pop the Battlefield in a Box stuff out of the package and play with it right away.

Flames of War General Discussion / Re: How much does FoW cost?
« on: July 03, 2012, 04:56:31 AM »
I was at that same tournament with Farmpunk and was running a German medium armor list that took 3rd place.

Here's my list from the (4-year old but still quite good) North Africa book:

1iC: Panzer IV F2
2iC: Panzer III L w/Shürzen (armored side skirts)

Combat Platoons:
Panzer Platoon
3 Panzer IV F2

Panzer Platoon
4 Panzer III L w/Shürzen

Weapons Platoons
Panzer Scout Platoon
3 Scout Squads + Command Team w/Kübelwagons (German Jeeps)

Support Platoons
Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon
2 8.8cm Flak36 w/Extra Crew (for ROF 3)

Light Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon
2 Sd Kfz 10/5 (2cm) AA Half-Tracks

Total: 1625 (Same as Mid-War Nationals this July)

Here's my cost breakdown, based on retail at my FLGS. TheWarStore is even cheaper.

26.00 - 1 Box of PSC Panzer IV's (5 tanks)
26.00 - 1 Box of PSC Panzer III's (5 tanks)
23.00 - 1 Blister of BF Shützen Platoon (9 stands of Infantry, you need 4 for this list)
12.50 - 1 Blister of BF Motorcycles (4) with Sidecars (I used Kübels, but these are cheaper and work identically.)
26.00 - 1 Box - BF DAK Heavy Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon
25.00 - 2 Blisters of BF Armored Sd/Kfz 10/5 (2cm) AA Half Track

Total: $138.50

Not bad at all.

I will warn you though, that BF transports are pretty pricey. So if you add in transports for the 88's in my list (a 5-point option you'll rarely use), then it would add another $33.50 to the cost. This is particularly a problem for Germans, as we have so many different kinds of transport vehicle and each infantry/gun platoon can use different types in different lists. But it's still peanuts compared to even cheap 40K armies.

So add in a rulebook set ($60 for 3 books - rules, forces, hobby), plus the North Africa campaign book ($50), and you're looking at not-quite $250 to start. Though if you just want to be able to make NA lists, you can go to and pay them $3 to use the NA rules with their on-line army builder. It's a good deal and is approved by Battlefront.

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