Author Topic: Advice for getting into Necrons?  (Read 1614 times)

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Advice for getting into Necrons?
« on: August 07, 2012, 01:31:03 PM »
Hi Kirby,

I've been interested in Necrons since I started (towards the end of 5th). If Necrons hadn't been so bad then I probably would've started with them and when hte new Codex came out I got even more interested. Everyone convinced me to wait until 6th to make sure they wouldn't end up gimped, though.

Now that it's safe, I'm looking for advice on what to get (other than flyers, obviously) and what you like/dislike. Basically, what would you do for Necrons at 1500/2000 points? I'm not really looking to collect a whole army like I've managed with BA, I'd like to limit myself to one or two lists with some flexibility (at least to start).


I guess it depends if you want Allies or not?

For a base list something like:

Overlord in CCB
2x Annibarge
Doom Scythe
2x5x Warriors w/Night Scythes + Stormteks
2x10x Immortals + Cryptek

Is a good base and around 1200-1300 points. I caution against more than 3 Flyers as it leaves so little onthe table. With extra points you can get allies which help with direct firepower (i.e. not torrent), scoring and ability to deal with units in combat (you could use your BA here - 2x10x ASM in ASM, Mephiston, Vindie, etc.) or keep the Necron theme. Grab some more Immortals or Warriors in Ghost Arks. Scarabs. Potentially Deathmarks/Stalkers but I feel at this point you're better off with Allies.
- Kirby.