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Example of Homebrew: Vehicles as MCs
« on: May 18, 2012, 07:41:31 AM »
So, I don't ever do Homebrew really, but thought I'd throw out an example of something I thought of lately. This is by no way a "Put this in Biomorph" post, it's just something I've been thinking about on the side for a while. of course if it generates ideas for Biomorph, then feel free to plunder all you like.  8)


The fluff often repeatedly compares non-vehicle monsters such as Greater Daemons, Carnifexes and Wraithlords to vehicles, for example "Tosses Rhinos around like chaff" or "Hits as hard as a Dreadnought". This led me to examine why they are treated differently in the game, and the only real reason I can think of is "because they've always been different". That doesn't seem like a good logical reason to me, so I've been looking at homogenising them.


There are two possible ways to go about this - either give MCs an AV and a damage chart, or give vehicles a Toughness/Wounds value. I've decided to go with the latter, because I think it solves more problems.

Impact on game overall

The impact would be to increase the effectiveness of MCs by making them equally as resilient as vehicles, reduce the proliferation of AP1 weapons as the only viable anti-tank (e.g. Lascannons are MUCH better than Meltaguns when facing an angry Hive Tyrant because you're 48" away) and hopefully make for a more streamlined ruleset. It would remove a lot of niggling little arguments that always seem to occur regarding armour facings, sight lines, cover saves and so on. It would, however, require a revamp of how a lot of things worked - especially "anti-tank" guns and Melta/Plasma weaponry.


The first thing to be amended would be the "To wound" table. It would now read (in ascending order) Auto/2+/3+/4+/5+/6+/Unable to wound. This means that attacks with a Strength value three points lower than the Toughness cannot hurt it, and Strength three points higher automatically wound with no roll required.

Vehicles with current AV10 would be approx T6, AV11 = T7, AV12 = T8, AV13 = T9 and AV14 = T10. This maintains parity with current rules - Lascannons wound Land Raiders on 5s, Boltguns harm Trukks on 6s and so on. Autocannons would still be unable to hurt Land Raiders.

Vehicles would have Wounds. "Light" vehicles such as Venoms may have as little as three wounds. MBTs like Preds and Falcons would have about 5. Monoliths and similar would have 7 or 8.

Vehicles would gain a WS score - not in order to strike blows but to determine how hard they are to hit (instead of the distance moved). Massive hulking tanks like Leman Russes would be WS2. Fast nippy vehicles like Venoms would be WS5 or more. They would have an Initiative which would be used for determining when they make their "Grind" attack - more on this later.

Vehicles would have armour/invulnerable saves. Something like a Vyper would be 5+ while a Land Raider would be 2+. Invulnerables would be granted through special wargear. Your main defence against Lascannons and the like would be cover saves and sheer number of wounds.

All vehicles are Fearless, but are no longer immune to weapons that force characteristic tests (Mind War, Jaws etc). This represents the weapon/psyker attacking the crews brains, or how fast the vehicle can react to a giant crack in the ground appearing. Some powers that are nonsensical when aimed at vehicles would specify "non-vehicle model".

*Some MC statlines would need to be adjusted to bring them in line with this new standard of statline, and a huge whack of points costs would need to be changed*

Movement Phase

Vehicles, like MCs, move 6" per turn, with the option to "Run" 6 inches in the shooting phase - in this case representing the driver moving too fast for the gunner to target effectively. Movement is from closest point of the hull to maximum distance, turning freely within that space - just like MCs on round bases.

Skimmers move just like MCs with Wings.

Fast vehicles may move 6" in the Assault phase, but not if they fired weapons. They can, however, use this in combination with a "Run" move to go 18" over all three phases. 24" if they are also a Skimmer.

Vehicles may move freely through enemy units in the movement phase. Units passed through in this manner suffer a "Grind" attack. This does not affect the vehicles ability to shoot. Measure the distance, remove models in the way, and then place in the final position. Units may only suffer one "Grind" attack per player turn (so "running" in the shooting phase or moving in the assault phase with the "Fast" rule cannot create more casualties).

Passengers may disembark/embark as normal. Access points are removed entirely, simply being within 2" of the hull is sufficient.

Impact on the phase: Vehicles get slower. This mitigates part of the mobility advantage that being fully meched brings. However they can still ignore some infantry, to an extent, allowing them to pass through bubblewrap in order to deliver a cargo, contest objectives etc. Removal of turning to gain movement.


Vehicles use the rules for MCs - i.e. Relentless, 360 degree LoS checked from the barrel of the gun (they don't have eyes lol) and the same cover rules when being shot at. Vehicles may always shoot all weapons.

Passengers may shoot weapons from hatches as normal, but not if the vehicle "Runs" or uses its "Fast" move. Firepoints only serve to tell us how many models can fire, not LoS/measuring. All shooting is done from the hull just like open topped vehicles.

Impact on the phase: Removal of arguments about weapon mounting/fire arcs. Removal of the "Meltagun sprint" where you drive 12", disembark 2" then fire to full effect. Removal of Suppression. Removal of tanks being unable to fire two thirds of their guns just because they moved. Removal of facings and arguments about them.


MCs/Walkers fight as normal with the exception that they cannot be locked in combat. No vehicle can be locked in combat.

All vehicles/MCs have the option to forgo their normal attacks (if any) in order to "Grind". They cause D6 + 1 automatic hits at their native strength value (all vehicles have a Strength value, things like DCCW would increase them as usual, but not work for this special attack). They may perform this against other vehicles. You may only grind against one target unit per combat round, and it must be a unit with a model within 2" of your hull/base.

You may drive off as normal in subsequent movement phases, and MCs may walk out of combat at any time, assuming they have sufficient movement to do so.

Grenades hit vs vehicle WS but are generally low Strength (so while it's easy to hit a Russ, you're not going to hurt it much, and while it's hard to hit a Vyper, if you manage it, you'll deal damage).

Transports that are killed in combat spew their passengers directly into combat with the enemy unit. If attacks are made after the vehicle has been destroyed (Powerfists and so on) they may be made against the disembarked squad. Likewise if the disembarked squads initiative step has not been reached, they may attack as well.

Impact on the phase: You now cannot tarpit walkers or be tarpitted by them. Assaulting a vehicle can actually be a risky proposition, instead of the "free 6 inch move with no risk" which it can be in the current rules, because taking D6+1 auto-wounds from a Monolith can sting a bit. Ramming is now no longer a direct smash into each other, but rather a game of sideswipes and attrition, which makes a little more sense in my mind. Transports are no longer a 1-turn auto-shield from assaults.

Other effects

Vehicle Upgrades now have more scope - things like Camo netting can grant the Stealth USR. Holofields can grant a permanent cover save. Extra armour can increase the armour save of the vehicle. PotMS may let you split fire. Scythes can increase the strength of the grind attack. Hunter Killers are a 1-shot gun. And so on.

Some randomness is removed from the game. You cannot lose a tank from one lucky penetrating hit, and you cannot cause 10 penetrating hits without killing it. This makes both the owning player and the opponent feel better, and never really "cheated" by the dice, apart from the traditional hot dice streaks of hitting with every shot and wounding with every hit that can sometimes happen. People who play a lot of MCs tend to know how much firepower they can take before rolling over, and there's never really an "OMFG you just nuked my XXXpt model with one crappy autocannon" moment. I think that's a good thing.

That's my idea! Feel free to C&C as much as you like.  :D
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