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1850 BA - Need advice
« on: September 07, 2012, 02:43:02 AM »
In 5th Edition, I ran a lot of MSU and mech.  I regularly ran a list with only 20 troop models in it, and it did fine.  However, in this new edition, Iím finding that only 20 troop models is not nearly enough to sustain throughout the game.  Further, a 5 man ASM squad will get hosed pretty quickly.  In addition, at least in my local meta, Iím seeing a lot less light/medium vehicles.  Heavies still on occasion, but generally a lot more heavy infantry.  As a result, Iíve been running something very similar to the following:

20x ASM with 2 Meltas per squad

9x Sternguard with a Libby in a Drop Pod, usually with a few combi-meltas

5x TH/SS Terms in a Storm Raven

2x Vindicators

I usually play in 1850 games, so the extra points have varied from game to game as I try different things out.  The list Iím going to try tomorrow has a Furioso in a Drop Pod with a couple Sanguinary Priests with PF to help out the ASM.

-Every game so far, the Sternguard have been champs.  I take that backÖ.one game against Draigowing they didnít do much, but every other game theyíve made their points back and then some.

-The vindicators are hit or missÖsometimes they really dish out some pain, others they whiff it big time.  They are always targeted first.

-Nobody has shot down my Stormraven yet.

The problem Iím having is that Iíve had quite a few games where Iíve just barely squeaked it out.  Having only 20 ASM seems to be a real liability.  Several games Iíve held an objective with only 1 marine left in the squad, and I would like to give myself a little more wiggle room in that regard.

Secondly, my ASM donít really do much.  Maybe Iím using them incorrectly?  The last few games, Iíve combat squadded them into 4 units with 2 units have the meltas in them and dropping next to high priority targets.  While this normally works (they take out the landraider or whatever it is they need to), they tend to die.  And when you only have 4 scoring units, thatís not good.

Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Very open to feedback.

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Re: 1850 BA - Need advice
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2012, 04:00:52 AM »
I've noticed troops that are threats take a lot of fire. Compared to tactical marines who's only John is to hold objectives, you are spooking you're opponent into killing your scoring by making it so scary. I run codex marines every now and again, and essentially, my opponent didn't have the resources to deal with my scoring tactical marines because they are A) in cover our meched and B) not threatening to my opponents board. While most savvy opponents will see through the guise, it really is about how you present them. give them melta guns, to of top line infantry mobility, and the capability to score and they are a juicy target. Put them in your opponents face and their toast.

That being said, i'm speaking from a codex marine perspective, but all their anti infantry firepower should go towards you're scary th/ss terminators, maybe them starting off the board means the opponent has time to shoot up you're only other infantry.