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Gorgram's last hurrah
« on: September 11, 2012, 08:54:20 PM »
We are playing blood and glory. Side note, my playgroup has changed both blood and glory and the watchtower to be bonus objectives worth 1/4 of the opponents army in victory points, rather than being an out and out win.

There is a river cutting off my right corner, a khemeran quicksand in the dead center with a normal tower left of it.
A bane stone in the middle of my deployment, a idol of gork on his left side.
Two mysterious forests, one on the side of the building, the other near the idol. Another building lurks in the far right middle.

He deploys a 10 man spearmen with his bsb far back behind the left building and the quicksand, a block if 50 in front of them with a level 2 with metal (searing doom, enchanted blades) and teklas with shadow loremaster. Two eagles, one on each flank, and 30 white lions on his right flank in the forest.

I place both  ironblasters on my left flank, one kitty on my left flank, two on the right. 8 guts with my general middle-left behind the quicksand, 7 bulls with firebelly and bsb left to them, and 3 belchers on the right of the bulls. 11 gnoblars blocking each big ogre unit.


I go first, march up both gnoblars and all 3 cats. Move the cannons to my left and move up the belchers.
The big units move up behind the gnoblars and wheel perpendicular to each other, the bulls ready to turn the white lions should they overrun the gnoblars into them. 3 gnoblars sink into the quicksand.
11 power dice to his 7.
I first spinemarrow the gnoblars blocking the bulls, he let's it happen, the bloodgruel rolls a one but didn't wound.
I throw 6 dice at a heightened maw, which he barely dispels, then flame cage the white lions killing none. The firebelly miscasts and loses a wizard level, forgetting flame cage.
Leadbelchers kill 2 spearmen outta 50, the cannons kill 5 lions.

He charges a kitty with his right flanking eagle and gets it, other eagle marches behind my line.
He has 12 POWER DICE to my 7.
He casts enfeebling foe on my bulls I let him have it, but the runemaw makes him pick another target, and he puts it on the guts.
Heightened Pit of shades rolls double 2's, making it irresistible on my bulls. It scatters off of them just enough to hit 2 guts and my slaughtermaster...
One of the guts survives...
He does irresistible mindrazor on his lions. I counter his miasma with all my dispel dice.
An arrow bounces off the leadbelchers from his bsb, and the eagle does a wound to the kitty, wins combat and chases him down. Other kitty doesn't flee though.


I regroup the Gnoblars in front of the bulls into a reasonable size, and move the other gnoblars through the quicksand, 3 more die but they don't flee. Bulls swift reform and angle over, guts move up, belchers swift reform and face the eagle. Cannons move up on left flank. Left kitty marches up and threatens 10 man spearmen unit, right kitty fails enemy sighted and only walks up 8.
Magic is 3 dice to his 5, he counters my fireball...
1 lion dies to my cannons thanks to overshoot and rolling 1 to wound on the first model from the other one, I blast 2 wounds off the eagle.

He charges the eagle into my belchers, the other eagle wasn't faced right to charge my cannons so he just turns. The small unit of spearmen turns to face the left kitty.
His 12 POWER DICE to my 5.
He miasmas the bulls, redirected to guts, they go to init 1. I dispel scroll a heightened pendulum. Another irresistible heightened pit of shades scatters onto my guts, killing 5. ONly the champion remains. He failed a searing doom on a 1. I dispelled the remains in play enfeebling foe on my iron gut champion.
The eagle does a wound to the belchers, who kill him and turn to face the spearmen.


No charges, Kittys move up to interesting angles pincering the bsb and small spears. Gnoblar move up close to the lions, still blocking for bulls. Cannons move up, belchers move up.
11 power dice in a fire ball gets scroll of hoethed.
I kill 4 more of the 50 man spears with the belchers, and one cannons breaks, the other kills 3 lions.

He charges eagle into my good chariot, the lions into my broken cannon, turns and moves the small spears.
12 POWER DICE AGAIN to my 5.
He miasmas my bulls for -1 to WS/BS/M/I, then pendulum double 6's, killing kitty and a Gnoblar.
Pit of shades rolls four 1's, so irresistible force but scatters 10 inches off.
Eagle wins combat, good cannon holds. Lions kill the broken cannon and face my bulls.


I charge bulls into lions, lone gut champion charges flank of the little spears, kitty and gnoblars fail to charge into little spears.
Belchers move up into poisoned forest and kill 8 spearmen leaving 37.
Ironblaster does a wound to the eagle, ties combat cause I forgot to reform previously. Bsb (Gorgram Runebearer Gutgrabber) dies, but I kill 10 lions all told and they hold. Breath weapon and sword of swift slaying very useful on the firebelly.
Lone IronGut champion isn't touched by little caster or bsb, kills bsb. I win combat but the spears hold.

He charges blob if spearmen into my belchers who flee, he doesn't catch them.
His 8 dice vs my 5.
Mindrazor irresistible on the lions, -2 irresistible enfeebling foe on my bulls.
Ironblaster kills the eagle, irongut takes two wounds but survives and wins combat, the spearmen holds.
He kills the fire belly, the champion, and wins combat with his str 9 lions vs my str 2 bulls.
The bulls hold on the required natural 3. 5 remain.


Gnoblars and sabertusk complete their charges against the lil spears, blaster charges the lions, belchers regroup.
He finishes off my iron gut, and the kitty does a wound as well, I win combat by 4, and he flees off the board taking my unfortunately pursuing gnoblars and kitty with them.
Kill a lion with a single impact hit, they cause 6 wounds, I only do 1 more with the rhinox, str 2 bulls whiff completely.
Iron blaster and bulls both flee, he runs down the bulls as the blaster runs off the board.
I call the game.


My Leadership tests this game were unreal. That being said, the quicksand and building really held me up, especially the 30 white lions guarding one side of it. Gnoblars passed so many unaided leadership tests, rolled natural 3 to hold on more than one occasion.

I had the deployment option to place opposite the white lions and go the long way around to his spearmen, but I instead chose to push up slow to the lions with Gnoblars blocking. If i had gone the long way around the lions would be hard pressed to reach me.

As far as the Gnoblars go, my 55 points blocked very well but limited space meant I had almost no opportunity to charge past em, so they blocked me very well too. Next time they must must must bring a musician, because reforming and moving up to remain blocking should not have to be separate.

Teclis is seriously nuts, I have no other words for it. His scattering onto my general only cemented his utter domination of the magic phase.

As a side note, having two combat units near each other really ruins the effectiveness of rune maw, cause he gets to choose where to redirect it and has another good target. If he had been carrying the dragonbanner instead, then the turn i charged into the lions would have yielded another breath weapon, and rerolls of 1's to hit and wound. He would have struck at normal initiative on the following turn thanks to the icy breath weapon, which would have cut off his rerolls to hit.

The cannons were effectively useless, as he had no monsters or chariots or heavy cavalry for me to blast apart. Perhaps attempting to snipe Teklas could have yielded better results. Next time I ignore or just annoy the lions. They might have done better against the hoard formation spearmen if i could reach their side, but i opted for killing the meaner targets rather than the easier targets.

I don't really have any defense vs the pit of shades, because Teclis will make it irresistible and I don't think runemaw can redirect it since it doesn't target the unit, it is just placed within his front arc. The only way i can think to deal with him is a feedback scroll, and that seems too specific for a normal games list, and I'm trying to avoid tailoring.

I guess one problem might have been that this list was built to deal with all comers, it brought fire and antimagic and cannons and redirecters and blockers and combat blocks and chaff dusters. In a list where my cannons (340 pts), and my chaff dusters (139 points) don't do much I'm going to be at a disadvantage. But really, losing my general and all my magic support game turn ruined me.
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Re: Gorgram's last hurrah
« Reply #1 on: September 12, 2012, 04:54:02 PM »
Yeah, I probably would've been firing those cannons at Teclis and the Eagles. He may have a 2+ LoS!, but he does have to fail it eventually, and even when he doesn't you're doing damage to his unit. The Eagles are also pretty important tactically.

Sounded like a really tough matchup. It's a shame you lost your Slaughtermaster so early, I can only imagine how much harder that would've made the game.
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