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So I like leadbelchers
« on: September 23, 2012, 10:39:03 AM »
So i'm a big fan of lead belchers, they got so much better when the new codex came out, my problem is I can't find an effective way to use them in my ogre lists.

My main problem is that I feel their best role is as small units that deal with flak and redirecters, but at their minimum unit size of 3 plus musician, its 172 points. Pretty much the same points as the ironblaster.
I guess my problem occurs where I would rather use the leadbelchers, but the army needs help dealing with 1+ armor and other artillery, not low toughness hordes, as they get shredded by any of my units.

So my question is, would taking large numbers of them make them better? Currently units of 3 can't hurt knights significantly, and have to fire on the charge blockers rather than the big unit since they cant handle the hard cover.
Would out just be an inefficient waste of points to take them i'm units of 10 for 440 points? Or does 10d6 str 4 armor piecing make a relevant dent in knights?

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Re: So I like leadbelchers
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2012, 12:19:31 AM »
Personally, if I were playing Ogres I'd be going for a kind of moving gunline. Basically minimum core in a couple of units of Ogres, your Slaughtermaster, Firebelly, whatever you want, then 3 units of 4-6 Leadbelchers, some Maneaters if you want, 2 Ironblasters and possibly some Scraplaunchers.

The idea is that you move forward as one, with the Bulls just in front of the shooty units. The other benefit is that Leadbelchers can actually take a charge, unlike most other shooty units in the game.

Just an idea I guess, if you ever wanted to try something like that out.

Otherwise, I think a unit of 10 would definitely be hurting knights, but I think it's too many points in one unit. I'd run them in units of 4 where they can fairly reliably remove things like Swordmasters off the board in a round or two of shooting. That would definitely be making their points back.

I'd be aiming them at small, elite units of guys with a low save that are going to be doing damage personally, because removing those units is easy for the Leadbelchers is a pretty easy thing to do and will make their points back every time.

Otherwise Light Cav and chaff are fine targets in my opinion. The unit may not be making its points back instantly, but those units need to be taken off the board and your Belchers are the perfect unit for it.
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