Author Topic: Necron allies into viable army, any thoughts? *tumbleweed*  (Read 2072 times)

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Necron allies into viable army, any thoughts? *tumbleweed*
« on: November 14, 2012, 11:50:04 PM »
So I'm planning to run some Necrons alongside my BA to the following tune:

Barge Lord w/ Weave, Scythe, Scarabs and Barge 210
Triarch Stalker 150
5 Warriors w/ Night Scythe 165
Doomsday Ark 175

Total: 700pts

The Lord adds a tough combat monster, the Stalker is just a lovely kit and nicely twin links the Ark so I don't scatter that pie plate onto my Deep Striking Assault Marines. The obligatory Troops give me a flyer (woot?) and a unit that can drop down to claim turn 4-5 instead of 2 (like the rest of my army).

The question is how to turn that into an army in its own right. I don't like any of the "gimmick" lists such as Scythewing or Scarabfarm and was looking for a more balanced approach.

Obviously I need more Troops, to begin with. Viable options seem to be:

- Warrior blob (20 men w/ Orb Lord)
- Warriors in Ark (10 men)
- Immortals in Ark (10 men)
- More Scythe units.

Are Crypteks still any good? With what wargear? If Immortals are taken, Tesla or Gauss?

I was also thinking of adding in a unit of Wraiths (6 men) because the models are nice and they're bloody good in game. Are they still a solid choice if you're not spamming them? What about Tomb Blades? Is a unit of them worthwhile? What role do they fill?

It sounds odd, but does an army made up of pretty much one of every unit work for Necrons? They seem to have decent units in every slot bar Elites... So as a rough sketch:

Barge Lord
Anrakyr? Foot Lord? (Court?)


Warriors & Scythe
Blob Warriors
Immortals & Ark
Warriors & Ark

Tomb Blades/Scarabs (don't really like Scarabs, but will take if they work well with Spyders)

Doomsday Ark
Ann Barge
Space Marine Codex, by Matt Ward:

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Re: Necron allies into viable army, any thoughts? *tumbleweed*
« Reply #1 on: November 15, 2012, 10:00:04 AM »
First things first, concerning immortals. They can't ride in an ark unfortunately, their only choice is foot or scythe. Also, i'm of the opinion that the only advantage of tesla used to be increased range while moving, but since the changes to rapid fire, combined with the changes leading to hull points means Gauss is now strictly better, again imo.

As far as tomb blades go, I have no clue, I haven't tried em out, but I imagine they go really fast and could use stealth and turbo boost to sneak around to vulnerable side or rear armor.

I found a foot lord works very well since the changes to wound allocation allow him to 2+ tank for the whole unit, and LOS! Let's him dodge plasma.

Crypteks need to have a specific role in your army. Besides the almost auto-include lancetek with solar pulse, if you need some more AV but don't want flyers, lanceteks stealing a ghost ark is cool, and if your running flyers, haywire stormtek is the way to go.

I personally prefer a balanced approach of a few flyers, 2 warrior squads, and a unit of immortals. 3 A-Barges and a few wraiths.

The immortals generally fly in with a stormtek, while a overlord with Res orb tanks for the big warrior squad, and a little lord tanks for the small squad. The wraiths act as counter charge unit.