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What are the 3++ Forums About?
« on: June 27, 2012, 11:35:44 PM »
3++ the blog has established itself as a competitive gaming blog for popular tabletop wargames over the past two years. We're certainly not claiming to be the best but we like to think we've helped a lot of people over the years in improving their gameplay and ability to play well at both competitive and casual levels. This forum is an extension of this. A lot of criticism aimed at forums like Dakka and Warseer is the general level of gaming advice is appalling. We're not transcendent beings which are always right but we've given good advice over several proven years and wish to bring this concept to the land of forums.

The blog is still the front-man, that's where I'll be doing most of my work, codex reviews, battle reports, etc. The forum will link to these. The chatbawks is still the 'live' function where you can talk to contributors on the blog and other gamers around the world. It will be on every page, including the blog and forum. The forum adds to all of that. The main issue with a blog is I and the other authors cannot answer everything and you only get content at a set time interval (we aim for a post every 8 hours). To counter this I added the Chatbawks well over a year ago. We've built a pretty decent community and they help out a ton here, particularly with people new to the blog. The Chatbawks is pretty transient though and those conversations aren't saved to any degree for someone new coming along and whilst I try and make back-linking as effective as possible, there's still a ton of stuff to sift through if you're looking for old articles on the blog. Step forward the forum to cover these weaknesses.

Again, the blog is still the face of 3++ and the chatbawks one of the main features (which will be available on both the blog and forum pages) but having the forum allows easier ability to ask questions and browse for past information. Transferring discussions from the chatbawks to forum posts would also be an excellent way to help the community (i.e. person A & B have a good discussion about a particular topic so person A decides to make a post about it and share both points for everyone to read at a later date). Hint hint. Nudge nudge.

I've often taken conversations I've had with contributors from the Chatbawks or individual comments from posts even and made them into individual blog posts. I'll likely be doing that with the forums (i.e. turning forum discussions into blog posts) and I hope this is done in reverse. You take things posted on the blog and in the chatbawks and generate discussion in the forum. Again, hint hint. Nudge nudge. Discussion is what helps everyone learn and grow.

Furthermore, this isn't to replace e-mailing me or the other authors, and we will try our best to post here as much as we can, but for those looking for a faster turn around in feedback or want to generate some discussion of their own, the forum is that outlet. By combining all three features for 3++ (blog, chatbawks and forum), we should get the best of everything and hopefully cover the individual weaknesses of each.

I hope this helps the community grow and improve. We're very open to feedback so I'll be opening a post here for the forums and in a couple days will do one on the blog. We're in the middle of transferring the blog across domains and into a more customisable front (wordpress) which means we are better able to give you what you want. Until then, use this forum for good little nerds!
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