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Grey Hunter Thoughts & Questions
« on: November 30, 2012, 06:40:44 PM »
For a while now, I've been using my Dark Angel Models to proxy SW Allies for my Guard. Finally got a couple of boxes of actual Grey Hunters, and I'm trying to figure out just how I want to build them. Thinking of adding in some of the options that I haven't used because they're awkward/confusing to proxy, given what I have for my DA.

At the moment, this is primarily in the context of Allies to an Infantry-centric Guard List, but I do Mech up sometimes, and eventually I'd like to expand the Wolves to the point where they can stand on their own.

What I've mostly been running is 2x10 Grey Hunters, each with 2 Plasmaguns and a Wolf Guard Pack Leader* with Combi-Plasma. Adds some nice solid Units that can get rather more aggressive than my Guard, but they're still pretty much just a more concentrated version of the same thing in a lot of ways. No real CC punch beyond sheer number of Attacks, moderately but not wildly durable.

- The Wolf Standard seems like a pretty good buy for big Squads like this, especially since they FAQed it so it works for Overwatch Fire if I pop it before I get Charged. Yesno?

- Wolf Guard Pack Leaders: I don't have the Models for this yet, but Terminator Armour seems like a really good buy here, getting me a Power Weapon and a better Save for the same price most Squad Leaders pay for just the Power Weapon. If I don't go with Terminator Armour, is it really worthwhile to kit the WG out with Assault Gear? Seems pretty expensive for someone who can get munched in a Challenge so easily, but maybe I'm just biased because I've been playing against Chaos Marines so much lately.

- Speaking of Challenges, the options for taking Power Weapons seem much more attractive now that Characters can be Challenged out. Fists feel too expensive for a 1A Model, but 15 Points for an "invisible" Power Axe doesn't seem unreasonable.

- Similarly, I know that the Mark of the Wulfen is more or less a wash Point for Point, based purely on offensive output, but the fact that the dude can't be picked out in a Challenge again seems like it might make it more worthwhile.

- Looping back, any other real standout gear for the WG leaders? Meltabombs seem like they're probably worthy, but there are a lot of options here, and I feel like I might be missing a good combo.

- When Meching Wolves up, should I even bother thinking about Rhinos, or just stick with Razorbacks and small Packs? If I do go to Rhinos, is it better to go to 10 with two real Specials or stay at 9 and take a Wolf Guard Leader?

- So far, I'm running pure Plasma, because I feel my Guard bring enough Melta to the table. But on the other hand, the GH are now doing more and more of the getting up in people's faces, so I'm thinking about switching that around. When I expand to pure SW, what kind of Melta/Plasma ratio works well for the GH, as a general guideline?

- Final question: WTF is up with the bare heads in this kit? I look at them and just hear exchanges like:
"No Blood Claw of mine is going into battle with his hair like that, young man!"
"You're not my real Wolf Guard Pack Leader! I don't have to do what you say!"

I think that's all for now. More will probably come to mind later.

*The third Wolf Guard hangs with some Long Fangs, just to keep him out of the way.
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Re: Grey Hunter Thoughts & Questions
« Reply #1 on: December 05, 2012, 01:32:53 AM »
Standard = yes
MotW = yes

PW/PFist on the GH generally no given the expense and A base.

For Wolf Guard, partic if staying on foot, Termie armor isn't a bad choice though I'd be looking at some sort of combat weapon at a minimum despite challenges - you can position well to help avoid them. Otherwise mbomb + combi melta as a minimum.

Bringing mech isn't bad but if it's primarily foot IG (i.e. no chimeras), i wouldn't run with them. If you do though and are looking to actually load up 9 + WG.
- Kirby.