Author Topic: 1750 Tyranid list - transfer from 5th to 6th  (Read 3661 times)

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1750 Tyranid list - transfer from 5th to 6th
« on: June 26, 2012, 07:24:11 PM »
So I was looking at how my latest Tyranid list could transfer from 5th edition to 6th edition:

Tyranid Prime w/Toxin, Regen, Lash/Sword
3x2x Hive Guard
2x Tervigons w/Adrenal, Toxin, Catalyst
2x10x Termagants
11x Genestealers w/Toxin
T-Fex w/Rupture Cannon
2x1x Carnifex w/2x TL-MC Devs

So anti-tank should be much less of an issue - Hive Guard can reliably glance a low AV vehicle to death every turn now, even Fexes are pretty good at that with 12 S6 shots (AP- also means jack now, though they are still just as bad at actually damaging things). If Hive Guard become AA mounts the combination of a lot of TL S6 shots and S8 at BS should cover fliers though bringing in the Hive Tyrant in place of the Prime for Old Adversary is probably a good idea.

Tervigons & T-Fexes (and Fexes) are also now much better against vehicles in combat if indeed they are AP2 - vehicles being WS0/1 helps a ton here. Termagants & Genestealers with no No Retreat and increased threat ranges are also getting a tiny buff though the reduction in cover saves and FNP probably evens this out. The ability for Tervigons to potentially throw Termagants 24.99" at an opponent though..., ya I'm assaulting you Turn 1 and tying up shooting. Sounds good.

AV14 is still a problem at range and there are no flying MCs or an OA Tyrant and other units like Zoanthropes, Warriors, Raveners, Hormagaunts, etc. are all seemingly improved choices which need to be considered. THis is good as we can see a lot more divergence away from the standard Tyranid units and actually get some competition in army slots - particularly with being able to gain extra FoC slots and not need max Hive Guard to be able to even compete in terms of stopping tanks.

Anyway, the list appears to transfer okay to 6th edition though isn't really optimised to taking advantage of the changes - little tweaks will be necessary but luckily for me, I have a large collection of Tyranid models on which to draw.
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Re: 1750 Tyranid list - transfer from 5th to 6th
« Reply #1 on: July 11, 2012, 03:13:19 AM »
What are you tempted to field now 6ths hit?

I was running essentially a T'6'r us list last year which was fun and am hoping to field this at 2k next week (will be first games with new rules).

Flyrant with whip,bonesword and Devourer.
Tyrant with load out above.
2x2 hive guard.
2x zoans.
2x10 termagants.
2x tervigons with toxin, adrenal and catalyst.
2x harpies with heavy venom.
2x carnifexes with 2x devourers.

A few points under but hoping it'll work well. May even be able to shoot down a flier or two.

Bit more shooty than I would normally like and no trygons  :'(